Report: Russia Uses Anti-Spying Legislation To Shut Down Subversive Enviro Groups

The Russian government is using anti-spying spying legislation to justify labeling environmental groups as “foreign agents,” according to a Tuesday report from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Nearly 30 environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are being forced to submit waves of reports to the government or face fines for non-compliance, HRW noted. Only four of the 29 groups are still active, while those remaining are unreachable or unwilling to comment.

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A New Study Rejects A Favorite Argument Of Global Warming Alarmists

Princeton University and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists have presented evidence against a favorite argument of researchers trying to prove a link between man-made global warming and hurricane activity.

The study found the lull in major Atlantic hurricane frequency from 2005 to 2015 was brought on by “a weakening of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) inferred from ocean observations.”

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Why I Stopped Believing in Man-made Global Warming and Became a Climate Skeptic

protest_climateCCD Editor’s Note: This article was published exactly one year ago. It was well received so I wanted to reprint it ahead of the Thanksgiving Day holiday that we celebrate in the States on Thursday. It’s just as germane today as it was last year and makes you thankful to be unshackled from the global warming dogma. Enjoy!

When I was in my late 20s, I was living in San Francisco and playing in a reggae band. At the time, I fervently believed that global warming was a real, man-made problem. And I was vocal about it. Among other things, my friends and I would slap bumper stickers on SUVs that said: “I’m Changing The Climate, Ask Me How.” I didn’t like yuppies, and I resented their big SUVs struggling to climb the city’s steep hills, needlessly warming our planet.

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Op-ed: ‘Stupidity of capitalism’ causes global warming

A New York Times opinion piece argues that climate change “catastrophe” is the result not of careless individuals, “immoral companies,” or “foundering” reforms, but rather of “the rampant stupidity of capitalism” – “the overwhelming unintelligence involved in keeping the engines of production roaring” in the face of looming climate change (emphasis original).

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Enviros and Bad Science Behind New Cocaine Problem in Colombia, U.S.

Not that many years ago, the South American nation of Colombia was on the cusp of becoming a failed “narco-state.”

With climatic conditions ideal for the growing of coca plants, and with dense jungles providing natural cover for illegal operations, Colombia became an international hub for the manufacturing and export of cocaine.

As demand for these drugs grew in the United States from the 1970s on, so too did the violence and corruption of powerful drug cartels as they expanded territory, and battled rivals and the government.

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Nebraska’s approval of new route for Keystone XL could be oil pipeline’s death blow

Nebraska regulators set out this week to finally approve the long-awaited Keystone XL oil pipeline. Instead, specialists say, they may have killed it.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) voted 3-2 Monday to approve a route for the $8 billion Canada-to-Texas pipeline through the state, but not the route that TransCanada, the owner and operator of the project, had wanted.

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Another disappeared beach in Ireland has mysteriously reappeared

So much for sea level rises! Another beach has reappeared on Achill Island – only a few months since one was magically washed up by the sands.

The County Mayo island on the Wild Atlantic Way made international headlines back in May after the sea retreated to reveal the pristine sandy white Dooagh Beach that locals had not seen for 33 years.

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A Litigious Climate Threatens Scientific Norms

Michael Mann testifies before Congress.

An energy researcher sues another over a critical paper. It’s the wrong way to resolve such disputes.

I’ve worked alongside climate researchers for decades. Almost all of them are ethical, dedicated to science and not particularly political. But some leading figures and organizations in this community are weakening the norms that make science robust. A lawsuit filed in September and recently made public is a case in point.

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High Profile Swiss Meteorologist Slams Stefan Rahmstorf: ‘The Holy Wrath Of The Righteous’

Some weeks ago I reported here on how Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, the alarmist director of the Potsdam Institute, appeared on a leading German talk show together with Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann and others to discuss climate change and the rash of storms that had hit the Atlantic and the North Sea.

In the talk round, Kachelmann (a warmist) poured plenty of cold water on the often used claim that hurricanes and storms have all gotten worse due to man-made global warming.

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Whitefish Energy Vacates Puerto Rico After Utility Failed To Pay For Services

The small company hired to help restore Puerto Rico’s hurricane-ravaged energy grid is stopping work 10 days early after the island’s public utility failed to pay the company for completed services.

Whitefish Energy CEO Andy Techmanski wrote a letter to the utility Sunday asking for payment for the work that the company’s linemen had already performed. The company decided to cut ties with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) after the company refused to pay down an $83 million bill.

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