EPA chief says Trump will kill Clean Power Plan, slams Paris accord

EPA head Scott Pruitt. Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

EPA head Scott Pruitt told ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement to avert global warming was “a bad deal” for the U.S.

He also said President Donald Trump will sign an executive order this week killing President Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP).

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POLL: Americans Split On Seriousness Of Global Warming

Obama in Alaska pushing global warming alarmism.

After three record-warm years in a row, Americans are once again evenly split on the seriousness of global warming.

Half of American adults are “concerned believers” of global warming, fearing it’s a serious man-made problem that will pose a threat during their lifetime. It’s the first time in 16 years Gallup has put 50 percent of Americans in this category.

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Germany’s Green Party Booted Out Of Gov’t In Key Election

The Green Party lost every seat it held in a regional German legislature after a crushing election defeat Sunday.

Greens did not receive the 5 percent of votes required to have a representative in the regional assembly of Saarland.

The Greens still control 63 of the 630 seats in Germany’s national legislative body, but this may change during the September elections. Greens received three of the state legislature’s 51 seats in the 2009 election after receiving 5.9 percent of the vote.

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‘Biggest Oil Discovery In UK Waters This Century’

Hurricane Energy has made a further oil discovery west of the Shetland Islands days after Royal Dutch Shell and BP won exploration licences in an area the UK is counting on to breathe new life into its struggling oil and gas industry. The latest find adds to a series of successful wells drilled by Hurricane in a geological formation that analysts say looks likely to be the biggest new oil discovery beneath UK waters this century.

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New Literature Strongly Suggests CO2 Residence Time In The Atmosphere Is Exaggerated!

As usual, there are many highly interesting posts on climate science at the German Die kalte Sonne site. What follows is one of the latest, on Harde’s controversial paper:

Is CO2 residence time in the atmosphere exaggerated?

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt
(German text translated/edited by P Gosselin)

The CO2 content in the earth’s atmosphere has risen to a level that surpasses any level seen over the past 800,000 years (Fig. 1). While during the ice ages the CO2 concentration dropped to 180 ppm, it rose to 250 – 300 ppm during the warm periods (interglacials). The reason for this CO2 development is foremost is the gassing out of CO2 from warmed up interglacial water.

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Green groups promise guerrilla warfare tactics to stop Keystone pipeline

Environmental activists vowed over the weekend to fight the Keystone XL oil pipeline to the bitter end, insisting the Trump administration’s approval of the long-delayed project will not be the final word.

Powerful green groups are launching a two-pronged strategy to block the pipeline in the streets and in the courts. First, they intend to use a state review process in Nebraska — where Keystone still does not have a legal route, despite federal approval of the project — to delay any movement forward.

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Have climate alarmists oversold the panic? History shows why skeptics are right

John Robson

(h/t amirlach) How can a knowledge of history dispel climate alarmist scaremongering? That was the subject of Rebel historian John Robson’s talk last week at a Freedom Talk conference.

This conference hosted by the Economic Education Association, brings people from all across the country together every year and was chaired by Danny Hozak.

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Gov. Brown’s high-speed rail is a fiscal train wreck on life support

Bullet train in Taiwan.

Gov. Jerry Brown had a dream: to link Los Angeles and San Francisco by a high-speed bullet train. It would haul passengers 700 miles in two hours and 40 minutes and reduce CO2 emissions.

It entailed a proposed cost of $32 billion with an initial $10 billion bond to cover initial costs. And now the project is facing soaring cost overruns, an out-of-control budget, and missed targets.

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