Trump Meets With Princeton Physicist Who Says CO2 Is Good For Us

Physicist William Happer

Yes, Donald Trump met with Al Gore. But on Friday, according to the Trump transition team, the president-elect also met with William Happer, a Princeton professor of physics who has been a prominent voice in questioning whether we should be concerned about human-caused climate change. In 2015 Senate testimony, Happer argued that the “benefits that more [carbon dioxide] brings from increased agricultural yields and modest warming far outweigh any harm.” Happer is an eminent physicist  [and a member of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council] who held prominent positions at the Department of Energy, as well as at his university, and has 200 scientific publications to his name. –Chris Mooney, The Washington Post, 13 January 2017

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The Global Warming Smoking Gun

The global warming narrative is straightforward. Carbon dioxide, (CO2), released by burning coal, oil and natural gas, is increasing in the atmosphere. The increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will cause the globe to warm. The warming will create numerous bad effects. Therefore, we must reduce the emissions of CO2 by switching to green energy such as windmills, solar power and crops that can be burned for energy.

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Judge Slams EPA For Ignoring Federal Law — They ‘Must Obey It’

A federal judge is ordering the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to quickly figure out how many coal mining jobs were destroyed because of federal regulations — a requirement the agency has apparently ignored for decades.

U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey in West Virginia ruled Wednesday after EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said it would take a minimum of two years to come up with a way to count coal job losses.

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Activists Freak Out Over ND Bill Protecting Drivers Who Run Over Dakota Protesters

Cars drive through the protestors camp during blizzard.

Activists are blasting a new North Dakota bill that would exempt a driver from liability if they unintentionally run over a Dakota Access Pipeline protester blocking traffic on a public road or highway.

North Dakota state Rep. Keith Kempenich, a Republican, said the bill, which is in response to the anti-DAPL protests around the controversial pipeline construction site, was needed to prevent protesters from blocking roadways and to protect drivers who accidentally hit activists.

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Here Are 7 Reasons 2017 Could Be The Worst Year Ever For Environmentalists

Scott Pruitt

The environmental movement could have a bad year in 2017.

Environmentalists saw their favored political party suffer losses in the 2016 election. Billionaire Tom Steyer was 2016’s biggest political donor, pouring more than $87 million into Democratic coffers — but his preferred candidates lost across the board.

President Barack Obama is leaving office Jan. 20, and President-elect Donald Trump will take his place. Republicans control both chambers of Congress, and have vowed to roll back Obama-era environmental regulations.

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Safe and healthy (not pristine) air

It’s called the Clean Air Act, but it was never intended to ensure pure, pristine air. Congress wanted America to have safe, healthy air, and regulations based on solid scientific and medical studies.

The law says costs cannot be considered where human health and safety are actually at stake. But legislators also understood that efforts to bring emissions to zero are unnecessary, technologically impossible, extremely expensive, harmful to electricity generation, factory output, job creation and retention, and living standards – and thus likely to reduce human health, wellbeing and longevity.

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DOE head releases revised ‘integrity policy’ to thwart Trump’s administration

The Department of Energy released an updated “scientific integrity policy” yesterday, a ploy cooked up with a Democrat-led activist group to label the incoming administration as anti-#Science.

The revised policy says its “scientists, engineers, and contractors” can share their “scientific findings and views” with the press and public.

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California Is Singing In The Rain, Climate Alarmists Make Fools Of Themselves

The recent onslaught of rain and snow finally brought much-needed relief to northern California, ending a punishing five-year drought, federal officials said Thursday. Stations up and down the Sierra mountain chain reported twice the amount of normal rain and snow for this time of year after snowstorms doubled the vital snowpack there that provides the state with much of its year-round water supply. However, much of southern California remains dry, though most not at the most severe level of drought. Only 2% of the state is in that category of “exceptional” drought: an area that stretches from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. —USA Today, 13 January 2017

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