Breitbart Writes Donald Would Be “Way More Beneficial To The Environment” Than Hillary

TrumpRising conservative media star Breitbart here writes that “A Donald Trump presidency would be way more beneficial to the environment than a Hillary Clinton presidency“.

This could come as a bit of a surprise for some when you consider the turbo-level of economic growth and prosperity a Trump program would almost certainly usher in.

Yet, contrary to what anti-growthers may think, there are many reasons why high growth would be great for the environment. Number one manufacturing would relocate from dirty third world conditions (China, India) back to more modern and cleaner conditions in the USA. Making and buying locally are almost always better for the environment.

Number 2, prosperity also means more money for environmental clean ups.

Number 3: Money would finally pour into massively upgrading the USA’s crumbling and inefficient transportation system, which is plagued by traffic jams, inefficient networks and road conditions that lead to wasteful energy consumption.

Number 4, prosperous nations by far tend to have lower population growth.

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    How much of the USA economy is wasted on subsidies and grants to business ? How many $$ Billions goes to propping up complete crap businesses that only survive because tax payers are being ripped off supporting them. How much bribe money of those subsidies gets recirculated and given to politicians from lobbyist’s ?

    One of the reasons the USA (and other countries ) are failing their citizens is the corruption caused by a no limit and no pay back credit card . A $ Trillion dollar VISA card that never gets repaid .
    The people at the bottom of this Ponzi scheme are looking up at 50 $ Billionaires running the show .
    This gets fixed when the credit card gets cut up and $Billionaires don’t own the politicians .

    What’s rather sad is the people who are about one pay check from welfare actually
    want to be taxed more . A keep the poor …poorer carbon tax is just one more way to
    keep the poor down .

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      Thank you for the truth Amber.
      I’ve read plenty of your comments in the past.

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