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bill nyeTrue science requires that data, observations and other evidence support a hypothesis – and that it can withstand withering analysis and criticism – or the hypothesis is wrong.

That’s why Albert Einstein once joked, “If the facts don’t fit your theory, change the facts.” When informed that scientists who rejected his theory of relativity had published a pamphlet, 100 authors against Einstein, he replied: “Why 100? If I were wrong, one would be enough.”

In the realm of climate scientism, the rule seems to be: If the facts don’t support your argument, talk louder, twist the facts, and insult your opponents. That’s certainly what self-styled global warming “experts” like Al Gore and Bill Nye are doing. Rather than debating scientists who don’t accept false claims that humans are causing dangerous climate change, they just proclaim more loudly:

Our theory explains everything that’s happening. Hotter or colder temperatures, wetter or drier weather, less ice in the Arctic, more ice in Antarctica – it’s all due to fossil fuel use.

Climate scientism aggressively misrepresents facts, refuses to discuss energy and climate issues with anyone who points out massive flaws in the manmade climate chaos hypothesis, bullies anyone who won’t condemn carbon dioxide, and brands them as equivalent to Holocaust Deniers.

In a recent Huffington Post article, Mr. Nye “challenges climate change deniers” by claiming, “The science of global warming is long settled, and one may wonder why the United States, nominally the most technologically advanced country in the world, is not the world leader in addressing the threats.” 

Perhaps it’s not so settled. When the Australian government recently shifted funds from studying climate change to addressing threats that might result, 275 research jobs were imperiled. The very scientists who’d been saying there was a 97% consensus howled that there really wasn’t one. Climate change is very complex, they cried (which is true), and much more work must be done if we are to provide more accurate temperature predictions, instead of wild forecasts based on CO2 emissions (also true).

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    Here in lies the big con … Nye “addressing the threats ” ? What threats ? It’s been warming a long long time and will until the next cooling cycle lead by natural variables ( or Mother Natural as it’s commonly known . )

    People like Nye ,who are not climate scientists, are trying to sell fear of something that is in fact overall beneficial to plants ,trees , animals ,and sea creatures. Humans cannot help but make some small contribution as we do with everything we do on earth .

    It is such a complete joke clowns like global warming fear mongers are not held accountable for their misleading propaganda .

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    Bill Nye is a comedian but can’t compete
    with George Carlin who does a bit on global warming that is as relevant today as when he did it . If you need a break from looney toons
    in the scary global warming industry George
    Carlin is still one of the best .

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    David Lewis


    Quote from Mr. Nye in the article “one may wonder why the United States, nominally the most technologically advanced country in the world, is not the world leader in addressing the threats.”

    Bill Nye actually answers his own question, but he is so blinded by his politically motivated scientism that he can’t see the answer.

    As the most advance nation in the world the United States has a higher percentage of its population that understands science. This understanding permits us to see the many holes in the “scientific” justification for the climate change agenda.

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