Be Very Cautious of the Precautionary Principle

So not only are we to believe on faith that the worst case scenarios are those that will come to pass, but we are also to add to that the faith that action will be cheeper, and actually work!

Already Europe is seeing major upheavals in their manufacturing sector due to the carbon trading system. Companies are already saying they are disadvantaged and having to close or move to places that don’t have a carbon trading system. Is sequestering of carbon a better cure than the millions of unemployed people rioting in the streets for help? We are already seeing some of that happening around the world now.

Thus, in concluding, we should forcefully challenge any claim that the PP be used as a reason to act against climate change. We must demand that they show that the use of the PP and their actions because of the PP can be justified. We must not fall back to a faith based system as a reason to take action to curb climate change. Science and evidence must give us a picture of what is actually going on, and then act accordingly. It is much harder, it is much safer, and it takes longer. If we don’t, if we just let the PP rule our lives for any and all things, then there is one thing that blind actions invoked because of the PP will succum to it’s the Law of Unexpected Consequences.

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