Rules for Climate Radicals: The Price of a Successful Attack is a Constructive Alternative


Because of recent events, I’m skipping ahead on the list to “Rule # 11: The Price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” The upcoming “People’s Climate Movement/March” is a classic example of this tactic, and they even highlight it in their title. After the climate movement’s disastrous defeat in the last election, they have recouped and formed their “constructive alternative.” From the People’s Climate Movement website it states “presenting an alternative to Trump’s disastrous agenda.”


Given that President Trump has only been in power for less than 100 days, it is hard to understand what objective metric they use to measure how disastrous his agenda has or will be, but when dealing with left-wing politics, the facts don’t really matter.

How real climate scientists can use this tactic to their advantage is simply to discuss better uses for the climate science funding. The cost of fighting climate change is measured in percentages of world GDP. Spending money on fighting climate change has basically no proven benefits, yet the costs are measured in the millions of schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, water and sewage treatment facilities that will never be built. The conservative alternative to fighting change is to spend money on projects that have a material, immediate and measurable benefit to the average human being on earth. Increased CO2 has correlated well with the improvement of standards of livings around the globe.