Lynch, ‘Climate Change’ Is a Joke

cartoonThere are people who believe the whole climate change bedtime story nonsense. They have bought into the notion that the earth is going to burn up, even though back in the 1970s the earth was going to freeze to the core. Not really sure what changed in 20 years. Then, in the 1990s, we have Al Gore running about in his limo, after riding in his personal jet, to give a speech about global warming. Oh, and Gore made sure his car was nice and cool as it was left running for an hour during one of his Chicken Little, the-earth-is-burning-up speeches.

We also have examples of brain dead Hollywood fools like Leonardo Dicaprio spreading the excited delirium about climate change, while also following his hero’s example by jetting around the country on his own jet. Or world leaders flying to France to talk about climate change and dropping thousands of tons of carbon into the atmosphere. You, however, better buy a Prius, put solar paneling on your roof, wear Birkenstocks, go smoke copious amounts of weed, putting more pollutants in the air, then complain about carbon emissions from vehicles that are operated 100% on gasoline. This is what you do. You “climate change” believers are hypocrites and live in a world that is constantly changing, making your environment argument less and less believable.

In fact, you scream in the faces of those who do not believe this farce. You get so mad that you have the Department of Justice discussing civil penalties for those who deny climate change. Can anyone say Orwellian? Is this really being discussed with Justice Department head Loretta Lynch? We have domestic terror groups, who call themselves Social Justice “Warriors,” and Lynch does not condemn what they are doing. Nah. That’s not a big deal. It does not matter they are looting and burning down cities. Never mind that police officers are being assaulted by the mobs of animals. Global warming…no, climate change, or whatever it is called this week — that is a big deal.

The Justice Department must defend “settled” science. If this whole subject is settled science, then why is Lynch discussing civil penalties for the First Amendment right to challenge this subject? Why do they want to shut up the critics for something they claim is true? They say, “Ah, well, science says so.” Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just wait a minute. These scientists that you are talking about, who funds them? Who essentially pays them every other week? It is you, the government. I have had many debates online with these idiots who believe this climate change garbage. They always, I mean 100% of the time, say, “Well, NASA says so.” They are too ignorant to do simple research as see that NASA is, you guessed it, government-funded. When liberal progressives are running things, and they are responsible for the funding of NASA, whatever the givers want the takers will say. As the saying goes, just follow the money.

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