Last Man Standing: The Governator is Back

arnoldThe Republican formally named as Arnold Schwarzenegger is at it again, this time calling climate change the “issue of our time.” Forget militant Islamists, ISIS, Iran developing a nuclear weapon right under John Kerry’s patrician nose, North Korea, Crimea, Putin, border security, the world economy, our feckless response to terrorism, just to name a few.

Schwarzenegger, who never found a klieg lamp he didn’t like, took center stage both physically and rhetorically at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, urging governments to act independently of each other to combat the non-existent threat of global warming. Having spent a career playing fictional characters, Schwarzenegger seems unwilling to recognize that a. he will never be president of the United States and b. he’s still basking in the burnt afterglow of his governorship in California, where he tore down the very fiscal walls that were holding its economy together.

When he left office, Schwarzenegger gave the keys of the sunshine state to Jerry Brown, who took the state’s already deplorable economy and flicked its spending switch to ON, which he quickly realized was never OFF, and plunged the state further into draconian taxation and misery. With California once more in the proverbial crapper, Schwarzenegger is again taking center stage (and not for the last couple of awful movies he’s starred in), utilizing his nascent legacy as the Green Gov to speed things along to prevent the climate from changing. From MSNBC:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Republican governor of California and Austrian-born American actor, called climate change “the issue of our time” at a security conference Sunday in which he called on governments to act independently to combat global warming.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, the Hollywood star drew on his experience leading the Golden State to argue that adopting green energy creates jobs and increases energy independence. He introduced a new policy paper to the group, titled, “The Future of Energy,” The Associated Press reported.

Schwarzenegger cheered international efforts to reduce carbon emissions, but said there is no need for individual governments to wait on summits and treaty agreements.


In his speech Sunday, former Gov. Schwarzenegger said that addressing shared environmental threats should not be a political issue. “We should be fighting climate change right now,” he said. “We all breathe the same air.”

Note that the same half-truths and lies were told, and more predictions were made (weather forecasts, actually), and if you didn’t notice yet, the air you breathe is akin to inhaling sludge. The amount of CO2 that makes up our atmosphere is so minuscule it’s almost impossible to comprehend. Yet it is described and decried as a weapon of mass destruction from actors to charlatans to politicians.

Talking about carbon dioxide as if it had become this new and exotic gas and the singular cause of everything is nothing more than the hobgoblin of little minds.