How many servings of global warming have you eaten today?

beefThe Left now wants to label food according to how much it causes global warming. Really.

The nation’s top nutritional panel is recommending for the first time that Americans consider the impact on the environment when they are choosing what to eat, a move that defied a warning from Congress and, if enacted, could discourage people from eating red meat. The panel’s findings, issued Thursday in the form of a 571-page report, recommended that Americans be kinder to the environment by eating more foods derived from plants and fewer foods that come from animals. Red meat is deemed particularly harmful because of, among other things, the amount of land and feed required in its production.

Many scientists [many being the ones the Washington Post chose to talk to, if they chose to talk to any at all] say animal-based foods are a poorer choice for the environment because they are associated with significantly larger carbon emissions than their plant-based counterparts.  Miriam Nelson, a professor at Tufts University and one of the committee’s members, said the panel is not saying that people should become vegans.

Carbon emissions? Why should we care about carbon emissions, unless we believe in global warming? But global warming has been discredited–temperature readings have been found to be falsified, temperatures haven’t risen in 17 years, and man-made carbon dioxide is insignificant compared to naturally produced CO2 in the environment.

“We are saying that people need to eat less meat,” Nelson said. “We need to start thinking about what’s sustainable. .‚Äâ.‚Äâ. Other countries have already started doing this — including sustainability in their recommendations. We should be doing it, too.”

Thanks Miriam. So when we’re preparing dinner, we should be reading the labeling on our meat thinking, “Hm, how many global warming calories will I be eating today?” Note that unlike eating only for yourself, where if you eat a lot, you get fat, when it comes to global warming calories, you can eat as much as you like and the Earth will not be affected, as long as every one else around you is on a diet. (If global warming were really happening, which it isn’t.)

And that’s what the Left is all about. They want to tell you how to live your life. They actually have something in common with Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. AQ and IS are death cults. The radical left are not death cults (not yet), but they feel guilty at being alive, feeling that the mere existence of humanity is defacing the Earth, and they feel that humanity, collectively, has to live moderately, or else the Earth will be destroyed.  But unlike a Jonestown style cult where they drink the Kool Aid, they want you to drink the Kool Aid while they continue with their expansive lifestyle.

Will Al Gore move out of his mansion into a small apartment near a noisy railroad station? Will Nancy Pelosi bicycle ride to work instead of being driven in a chauffured car? Will Michelle Obama eat legumes and radishes and give up steak and hamburger? In each case the answer is no, but they want you to. That’s why they are politicizing food, in their continuing efforts to control every aspect of your life.

The government tries to politicize everything. Last week it was top level domain names (adding .lgbt domains, so we can have reminders to think gay gay gay on the internet), and this week it is making us feel guilty about eating meat. What’s next week?