Meteorologist blasts those linking brutal blizzard to climate change

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi had a decidedly unscientific term for the effort to link Thursday’s frigid winter storm to human-caused climate change: “witchcraft.”

“This is flat out insanity and deception now,” Mr. Bastardi said Thursday in a tweet. “To tell the public that events that have occurred countless times before with no climate change attribution, is now just that, is not science, [it’s] witchcraft.”

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Al Gore: ‘Bitter cold’ is ‘exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis’

Former Vice President Al Gore has weighed in on the record cold and snow in the U.S. “It’s bitter cold in parts of the US, but climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis,” Gore wrote on January 4 on Twitter.

Gore linked to one of his organizations’ articles on the brutal winter weather written by Climategate professor Michael Mann: The Climate Reality Project: 

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‘Bomb cyclone’ winter storm brings snow, fierce winds to Northeast as bitter cold to follow

A rapidly-intensifying winter storm system known as a “bomb cyclone” targeted the Northeast on Thursday with snow, ice, bone-chilling winds and a central air pressure similar to that of the devastating Superstorm Sandy.

The wicked winter weather canceled thousands of flights and left schools shuttered across the region — and is still set to usher in “life-threatening” temperatures this weekend.

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US Shatters All-Time Record For Natural Gas Usage During Arctic Freeze

Frozen warehouse after fire put out.

The U.S. broke a record Monday for most natural gas ever burned amid a prolonged winter freeze that as covered half of the country under a thick layer of snow.

Americans used more gas during the most-recent cold snap than they did during the so-called polar vortex that covered the U.S.’ eastern half with arctic air in 2014, according to data from PointLogic Energy, an oil and gas firm that monitor gas usage.

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‘This Is A BEAST’: Winter Storm Threatens East Coast With Brutal Cold

A powerful winter storm is bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, threatening a 1,500-mile-long area with freezing weather and brutal winds.

Schools and businesses are closing, and officials are issuing warnings for cold air and brutal winds over the next two days. Officials are asking residents to stock up on supplies and prepare for possible power outages.

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Piercing cold blast to feel subzero in central, northeastern US for 2018

Cold air rivaling that of the past 100 years for late December and early January will make it painful to be outdoors and may lead to damage in the central and northeastern United States.

AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures are projected to be below zero over much of the Northeast and well below zero in much of the Midwest.

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President Trump trolls the global warmers – hilarity ensues

Heatwaves are climate change but long-term cold is the weather.

For those who follow the cult-like world of Anthropogenic Global Warming promoters, this has to be the Tweet of the year.

What’s fun about it, is not just the way President Trump frames the missive and pokes a jab at the Paris Accord, but the reactions to it.

Of course many of the same people who are calling it a wide variety of things (stupid, irresponsible, anti-science, etc.) are the very same people who promote short-term heatwaves as “proof” of human-caused climate change getting worse.

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Headed To Times Square For New Years? You Could Freeze To Death!

People preparing to watch the ball drop on 2017 in New York City later this month should expect one of the coldest New Year’s Eve bashes in recorded history.

Midnight temperatures at Times Square in the Big Apple should tumble into the teens with wind chills dropping below zero. It will easily become the top five coldest New Year’s Eve parties in history.

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Nation’s ‘Ice Box’ Breaks A 93-Year-Old Cold Temperature Record

A blast of Arctic air brought temperatures in the city of International Falls, Minn., down to a new record low of -36 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday morning, beating out a nearly century-old record.

International Falls is known as the “ice box of the nation” because the town experiences a high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 100 days throughout a typical year.

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Brutal cold expected to freeze two-thirds of country into New Year

A white Christmas for much of the Northeast and Midwest has given way to bitter cold until the New Year. Meteorologists are warning of sub-zero arctic air and dangerously cold wind chills.

Frigid conditions are expected in many parts of the country this week.

National Weather Service meteorologist Amy Seeley said Chicago residents can expect colder-than-normal temperatures. Temperatures hovered around zero degrees in Chicago on Tuesday. 

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