Insane: New York mayor to sue oil companies for bad weather

Sandy struck during high tide at the tip of Manhattan.

Commissar Bill de Blasio of New York is suing oil companies, claiming they cause global warming, which in turn worsened the severity of Hurricane Sandy and damaged the city.

The attempt by a commissar of the left to shake down the engines of capitalism is hardly unprecedented.  What is unprecedented is the use of Orwellian doublethink to prosecute such an endeavor.

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Thirteen Dead, Dozens Injured As Massive Flooding Hits California

USGS data indicates California has a mega flood every 100 to 200 years. So Calif. is way overdue.

A winter storm that triggered flooding and mudslides in California’s Santa Barbara County has taken more than a dozen lives, authorities announced Tuesday.

At least 13 people have died and another 25 have been injured. No more details surrounding the casualties were given, ABC 7 News reports. Emergency crews are combing the area, searching debris and air-lifting injured and stranded residents from homes that have been flooded or wrecked by mudflows.

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NYC’s Central Park 347-Hour Stretch of Freezing Temps Finally Ends

New York City’s iconic Central Park had its first above-freezing temperature reading at 4 a.m. Tuesday, breaking a 347-hour streak of below-freezing temperatures.

Central Park’s temperature was 33 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service reported. Temperatures at the park had been at or below freezing, 32 degrees, since Dec. 25.

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Some cold, hard facts about Al Gore’s global warming predictions

Remember when global warming meant the planet was supposed to, well, warm up? Temperatures would rise, and all manner of ecological calamity would ensue?

Me too. So it was surprising to find myself shivering, like other Americans, through several days of arctic chill and extreme cold, only to hear Al Gore blame it on global warming.

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Sydney ‘hottest ever’ mistake generates worldwide fake news

The BOM announced it was the hottest ever day in Sydney today, then realized it had it wrong, but not before headlines spread across the country.

For a million dollars a day you’d think the BOM would check their own “high quality” database.

A scientific agency would take great care before announcing “historic all-time records” for a city of five million people.

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Sydney Heat and ‘Bomb’ Snowstorm: Pimped Out for Climate Change

It’s been an eventful weather week in some portions of the globe. In fact, it is always an eventful weather week – somewhere.

But what really drives the narrative is when weather extremes — which always have, and always will occur — happen to hit major metropolitan areas.

Many people are already aware of the relentless guffawing resulting from Al Gore’s tweet that Michael Mann says the Northeast’s current cold wave is just what global warming predicts.

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SCIENTISTS: Global Warming Is Not Causing Harsh Winter Weather

Record snowfall, a “bomb cyclone” and cold Arctic air have once again stirred up the debate over global warming’s impact on winter weather.

Some climate scientists are pointing the finger at manmade global warming as a culprit behind recent wintry weather, but there’s not a lot of evidence or agreement that global warming is currently driving extreme cold and snow.

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This ‘Bitter Cold’ Is What Global Warming Looks Like, Explains Al Gore

Al Gore at Sundance promoting his soon-to-flop ‘Sequel.’

Just when you thought the Big Freeze couldn’t get any worse, here’s Al Gore to twist the knife.

Yep. Where others might see a crisis, Al Gore has spotted a Rahm-Emanuel-style opportunity to promote his renewables scam.

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