Earth doomed! Hawking offers to pay deniers fares to Venus

Forget 2 degrees of warming, Hawking says “460″!

Oh, look, there goes another attention-seeking celebrity scientist — flaming out –watch the arc:

In the second episode of his new series “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places,” the British physicist warns Earth could soon become as hot as Venus if action to halt climate change is not taken immediately.

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Consensus polar bear experts now use insults over logic for faulty predictions

Frustration with criticism over the fate of polar bears decades into the future has plagued consensus experts since they first brought their concerns to the attention of conservation organizations in the mid-2000s.

But now that catastrophe has not materialized, these researchers have shifted their defensive style from logical reasoning to relentless insult.

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How Major Oceanic and Continental Fault Boundaries Act to Control Much of Earth’s Climate

Figure 1.) Antarctic-averaged long-term (50 years) surface temperature map (credit Eric Steig (UW), NASA, and J.Kamis).

Another giant piece of the climate science puzzle just fell into place, specifically that geological heat flow is a primary force responsible for unusual bottom melting and break up of West Antarctic glaciers.

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Alarmist Scientists Announce the Latest Climate Change Threat: Mutant Transgender Turtles

Alarmist scientists have found a terrifying new ‘climate change’ threat: mutant transgender turtles.

Their study, titled Environmental Warming and Feminization of One of the Largest Sea Turtle Populations in the World, warns that global warming could turn the world’s sea turtle populations female, possibly leading to their extinction.

The study authors, from NOAA’s Marine Mammal and Turtle division in La Jolla, California, analyzed sea turtle populations on beaches at the northern and southern ends of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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Spotty coverage: Climate models underestimate cooling effect of clouds

Princeton University researchers have found that the climate models scientists use to project future conditions on our planet underestimate the cooling effect that clouds have on a daily—and even hourly—basis, particularly over land.

The researchers report in the journal Nature Communications Dec. 22 that models tend to factor in too much of the sun’s daily heat, which results in warmer, drier conditions than what might actually occur.

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Fact Check: China’s Modern Climate Change Evidence

China is the fourth largest country in terms of geographical size and the largest in population size.

Accordingly, human-induced climate change from greenhouse trace gases would be of major concern to China’s leaders.

So, what does a fact check reveal of China’s modern climate change due to human CO2 emissions?

Frankly, little, if any, emission impact on present climate change based on new Chinese peer-reviewed research.

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The hole in Earth’s ozone layer is healing, first-of-its-kind study shows

Efforts to heal the hole in Earth’s ozone layer over Antarctica appear to be paying off, according to a new, first-of-its-kind study that looked directly at ozone-destroying chemicals in the atmosphere.

Earth’s ozone layer protects the planet’s surface from some of the sun’s more harmful rays that can cause cancer and cataracts in humans, and damage plant life, according to NASA.

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Climatologists’ Projections Refuted…Data Shows Tornadoes Becoming LESS FREQUENT!

Tornadoes have become less frequent since 2010: Pacific ocean cycles control storm frequency

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt
(German text translated/edited by P Gosselin)

We haven’t heard much about tornadoes lately. For a while, they were the favorites among climate activists. When did the love affair end? Here we cast a look at the official NOAA tornado statistics:

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