Partisan Fights Over Science Funding Likely to Reemerge on Capitol Hill

Last year, Reuters showed that the final findings issued by IARC left out key research showing Roundup wasn’t carcinogenic.

A long-simmering partisan feud over the role of science in government research, regulatory decisions, and funding will come to the forefront again when the House Science Committee meets Tuesday for a hearing on the most widely used herbicide in the world.

The hearing, titled “In Defense of Scientific Integrity: Examining the IARC Monograph Programme and Glyphosate Review,” could have extended impacts on how the federal government funds scientific research and how that research is used.

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Doomsday Clock Promoters Donated Thousands to Democrats

Lawrence Krauss (R) and Robert Rosner

The word “doomsday” is intended to terrify. So moving the Doomsday Clock forward to just two minutes to midnight gives journalists a chance for a national freakout about the chance of nuclear war.

Only one problem with that. The two academics helping make this news are liberals who have given to the left eight times more than the right.

“[T]he failure of President Trump and other world leaders to deal with looming threats of nuclear war and climate change,” two Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists board members announced in The Washington Post.

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Climate Bully Mob Tries to Oust Trump Supporter from Natural History Museum

If, like me, you love the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York, here is a question I can guarantee you’ve never asked.

Never once — as you’ve circumnavigated the blue whale or gawped at those marvelous Teddy Roosevelt-style dioramas in the mammal halls or admired the T-Rex’s jagged 6-inch gnashers — have you paused in deep thought and mused to yourself: “Gee. I wonder if the guys who pay for all this stuff are Democrats or Republicans?”

The reason you’ve never had this thought is that you’re not stupid. Or at least, not that stupid.

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Washington State’s Proposed CO2 Tax Would Lower Temps By Zero Degrees

With respect to Washington governor Jay Inslee’s renewed proposal for a “carbon” tax on that state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a number to keep closely in mind is: 2/1000 of a degree.

That would be the global temperature effect in the year 2100 if Washington were to reduce its GHG emissions to zero immediately. That figure comes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate model, under a set of assumptions that exaggerate the effects of emissions reductions.

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Oops! Cities admit to bond fraud in global warming lawsuits against Big Oil

A libertarian think tank has notified the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) that California cities and counties may have inadvertently admitted to securities fraud in their global warming lawsuits against oil companies.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) attorneys pointed out that localities’ suing a group of oil companies for current and future damages allegedly caused by global warming may have misled municipal bond investors.

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DOE Punches Back At WaPo’s Publishing Of Leaked Budget Docs

The Department of Energy (DOE) pushed back against a report Thursday suggesting that the Trump administration is considering slashing funding for green energy projects.

President Donald Trump is committed to supporting all forms of energy, not just fossil fuels, DOE spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said in a press statement addressing a leaked document suggesting the administration will cut funding for solar and wind.

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#Winning – Trump Slashes Budget of Global Warming Madrasa

Slowly but surely the Trump administration is draining the climate swamp.

Here’s the latest good news, courtesy of American Geophysical Union’s Eos, in a piece headlined “Prestigious Climate-Related Fellowships Rescinded.”

It reports on the reduction (by half) of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) “prestigious” Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship Program — or what I would call a madrasa for climate change alarmists.

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NJ’s Dem Gov. Cites Weather For Decision To Raise Electricity Prices

New Jersey’s newly-elected Democratic governor ordered his state to rejoin a regional carbon trading program some Republicans claim could result in higher energy prices.

Gov. Philip D. Murphy is thrusting the state back into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which requires power plants to purchase permits for carbon emissions.

His move was a punch in the gut in some respect to a portion of former Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s legacy.

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Democrats lose another big moneybag donor as Tom Steyer exits in a huff

Tom Steyer has had it up to here. Not with us Republicans, it seems, but with his own Democrats, and he now plans to cut off their nose to spite their faces.

The left-wing billionaire hedge fund speculator has announced he won’t be bankrolling the Democratic National Committee as he has in the past, based on his dissatisfaction with congressional Democrats’ refusal to continue the government shutdown and go down with it.

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Trump Tells World Leaders: ‘Regulation Is Stealth Taxation’

President Donald Trump compared regulations on American businesses to a type of stealth regulation.

Government regulations and rules are like “stealth taxation,” Trump told attendees Friday at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

His comments cap off a week-long discussion about climate change and global business relations.

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End of Snow? Don’t tell that to anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere

In 2014, the NY Times said warmer winters meant an end to snow. That’s because rising temperatures were turning snow into rain. They even found a scientist to back up the ridiculous claims in their fake news op-ed.

So following along with their logic, the planet should be having a scarcity of snow since that four-year-old forecast.

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Natural Disaster Costs Are Actually DECLINING, Despite Global Warming Fears

Photo Texas Military Dept‏Insurers declared last year was the costliest on record for natural disasters, sparking media speculation that disasters and their costs would only grow more burdensome as the world warms.

While 2017 did see $330 billion in damages, mostly from hurricanes hitting the U.S., those losses should be put into context. When economic growth is taken into account, natural disaster costs have actually been declining.

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