FLASHBACK: It’s Been Four Years Since NYTimes Announced ‘The End Of Snow’

It’s been four years since the New York Times ran an editorial declaring the end of snow was nigh if the developing world didn’t switch from fossil fuels to some form of green energy.

The editorial takes on an added resonance thanks to the incredible amount of snow many Americans have experienced this December. Pennsylvania, for instance, is wrestling with nearly 60 inches of snow dumped on the state on Christmas.

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Newsweek Climate Panic: Global Warming Could Cause Refugee Numbers to ‘Skyrocket’

In one of its more hysterical articles in some time, Newsweek asserts that global warming is turning vulnerable countries into “barren wastelands,” which, in turn, will trigger a mass exodus of new refugees.

Referencing a recent study published in Science, Newsweek warns in its most recent issue that refugee applications in the European Union could “triple” because of climate change, causing a rise of “188 percent” in asylum applications to the European Union.

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Media Silence: Flurry Of Recent Papers Show Warming Likely Will Lead To LESS STORM ACTIVITY!

What follows are 6 recent studies presented by Lüning and Vahrenholt, which dump cold water on the claim storms will get more frequent and intense.

The studies fly in the face of a recent Nature editorial piece, one filled with the usual worn out alarmist propaganda language of climate doom we’ve been seeing for over a quarter century. The editorial claims some scientists have already found the link between “weird weather” and greenhouse gases.

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CNN’s Brinkley Slams Trump on ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Desecrating’ Public Lands

Appearing as a guest on Saturday’s Smerconish show, CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley was blatantly negative in his assessment of President Donald Trump’s first year in office as the liberal historian fearmongered about “climate change” and the President “desecrating public lands” He also dismissed the Republican tax cut as something that “doesn’t really excite people.”

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EPA Bureaucrats Complain Pruitt Doesn’t Want Them to Conspire Against Trump

EPA bureaucrats are running to the New York Times to complain that Administrator Scott Pruitt doesn’t want them conspiring against him or President Donald Trump.

E.P.A. Employees Spoke Out. Then Came Scrutiny of Their Email,” the Times writes breathlessly, implying that Pruitt himself is scouring over their emails. (He’s not.)

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Netflix Comedy Defends Pipelines: ‘Safer Than Tankers’

Netflix’s The Ranch, which just released their fourth season on Dec 15, saw the Bennett family struggling to keep their family ranch afloat. Hope came from an unexpected source. Unexpected to see depicted on television, anyway: an oil and gas company.

When the company comes in with the promise of a pipeline that will bring money into the ranch, it seems like the answer to their financial problems. Even though they manage to work in some leftist talking points, I was pleasantly surprised to see the oil and gas industry get a fair shake.

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NYTimes Sued The Trump Administration For Interior Sec. Zinke’s Emails

Sec. Zinke

The New York Times filed suit against the Trump administration on Monday to obtain Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s communications regarding the shrinking of the Bears Ears National Monument.

President Donald Trump signed orders in December to shrink the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante by more than 2 million acres, following earlier recommendations from Zinke. Environmentalists and newspapers, including NYT’s editorial board, decried the decision.

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Alarmist AP Frets Global Warming Will Threaten Future Winter Olympics

The Associated Press is freaking out about global warming threatening the future of the Winter Olympics.

AP Sports Writers Andrew Dampf and Eric Willemsen contributed to a doom-and-gloom story — run by USA Today Sports — stating that warming weather conditions are hampering U.S. and foreign Olympic ski team training opportunities.

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