Sydney ‘hottest ever’ mistake generates worldwide fake news

The BOM announced it was the hottest ever day in Sydney today, then realized it had it wrong, but not before headlines spread across the country.

For a million dollars a day you’d think the BOM would check their own “high quality” database.

A scientific agency would take great care before announcing “historic all-time records” for a city of five million people.

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Sydney Heat and ‘Bomb’ Snowstorm: Pimped Out for Climate Change

It’s been an eventful weather week in some portions of the globe. In fact, it is always an eventful weather week – somewhere.

But what really drives the narrative is when weather extremes — which always have, and always will occur — happen to hit major metropolitan areas.

Many people are already aware of the relentless guffawing resulting from Al Gore’s tweet that Michael Mann says the Northeast’s current cold wave is just what global warming predicts.

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The Frozen U.S. Is Paying a Terrible Price for Green Lies

The Northeastern U.S. is experiencing record-breaking cold. Even the very sharks are dying as they swim.

Happily, the New York Times is here to put it all in context. It’s all further evidence of global warming, of course!

All is ‘explained’ in a story headed “Why so cold? Climate Change May Be Part of the Answer”:

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NY Times is Unaware of Distinction Between Weather and Climate

Aftermath of Harvey, a hurricane that was less powerful than one that struck 100 years ago.

Eager to criticize President Trump in its news pages last week, the paper of record smugly noted, “It’s Cold Outside. Cue the Trump Global Warming Tweet.”

“With unusually frigid weather gripping much of the Eastern United States this week, President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to cast doubt on the reality of climate change, but he appeared unaware of the distinction between weather and climate,” the Times wrote.

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Trump’s Right: New Year’s Eve May Be The Coldest On Record

President Donald Trump’s latest global warming tweet has sent liberal pundits and scientists into a frenzy, going after the president for allegedly not knowing the difference between “weather” and “climate.”

But the frenzy surrounding Trump’s tweet is missing one important detail — he was right that New Year’s Eve could be the coldest on record for the eastern U.S. when the clock strikes midnight.

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Arctic Ice Alarmists Rear Their Frigid Heads

The latest example of arctic hysteria comes from the usual suspects published at the usual venue, Inside Climate News. Polar Ice Is Disappearing, Setting Off Climate Alarms

Excerpts below with my bolds: The short-term consequences of Arctic (and Antarctic) warming may already be felt in other latitudes. The long-term threat to coastlines is becoming even more dire.

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