German Public Television Uses Every Trick in Propaganda Hit On German Climate ‘Deniers’

Another winter North Sea storm struck Germany last Thursday, and naturally the alarmists and climate-downfall conspiracy nuts – among them flagship German public television – immediately mobilized to point the blame at man-made CO2 emissions.

Linking skepticism to the right wing AfD party. Image cropped from RBB Kontraste.

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Five Ways to Torment The Greens

Senator Di Natale’s recent call for Australia Day to be moved from January 26 reveals that he and many of his fellow Greens have seemingly few major issues to occupy their intermittently febrile minds.

Clearly, they need more topics to fret about, which they will enjoy for the virtue-signaling potential while cheering the sane rest of us by saddling them with so many concerns their monomaniacal minds won’t know how or where to begin.

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WaPo Calls Gas Tax Push A Potential Victory Against Global Warming

The Washington Post floated the ideas that increasing the federal gas tax could behave as a “rough” carbon tax designed to help fight global warming.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s half-hearted campaign to convince the Trump administration to impose higher gas taxes might benefit activists who want a carbon tax. The chamber believes increasing the tax will help pay for a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure proposal.

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Lib Media confirms: 2017 cooling proves global warming

What are you to do if you are a liberal journalist and you get the news that 2017 was actually cooler than the year before it, 2016?

You can’t write a headline that reads, “Earth getting cooler,” because the enviro-nuts will storm your offices with pitchforks, and Al Gore, the grand imam of the environmentalist doomsday cult, will issue a fatwa ordering that steps be taken to stop you from exhaling carbon dioxide.

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Journos blame global warming for Perth’s abundance of rain

South West WA and Perth have been the Australian posterchild for Water-Panic for years.

We were destined to be an abandoned ghost town with worthless property:

Perth is set to become the world’s first ‘Ghost City’ according to a long-term weather forecaster and a news anchor.

“I’m reading here that unless drastic action is taken, Perth could become the world’s first ghost city – a modern metropolis abandoned by the 1.7 million people there for lack of water,” she said.

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BBC’s Reindeer Games: Admits Making Serious Factual Error About Reindeer Populations

The BBC has accepted Lord Lawson’s complaint that they made a serious factual error in claiming that reindeers were in “steep decline” because of climate change.

The alarming claim that reindeer populations across Northern Russia were “in steep decline because of climate change”, was made during the first episode of the recent BBC 2 series: Russia with Simon Reeve.

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Sydney ‘hottest ever’ mistake generates worldwide fake news

The BOM announced it was the hottest ever day in Sydney today, then realized it had it wrong, but not before headlines spread across the country.

For a million dollars a day you’d think the BOM would check their own “high quality” database.

A scientific agency would take great care before announcing “historic all-time records” for a city of five million people.

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