Can America’s power grid withstand a brutal winter?

Sioux River Falls frozen

Maybe you have to live in the Northeast — or even Southeast United States — to get the full effect. But right now, much of the country is struggling through the brutally cold weather.

It’s not uncommon to see temperatures down in the teens across much of the South. And record sub-zero temperatures in the North have many recalling the “polar vortex” of 2014.

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Washington Sued For Blocking The Biggest Coal Export Terminal In The US

A coal mining company filed a lawsuit against Washington state in federal court Wednesday for denying a permit to build what would be the largest coal export terminal in the United States, The Washington Examiner reports.

Lighthouse Resources proposed building the Millennium Bulk Terminal to ship 44 million tons of coal to Asia from Montana and Wyoming. Washington’s Department of Ecology Director Maia Bellon denied the proposal over “too many unavoidable and negative environmental effects.”

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Trump To Propose Opening Nearly All US Waters To Oil And Gas Drilling

The Trump administration will propose an ambitious offshore oil and gas exploration plan Thursday that’s a complete reversal of Obama-era policies aimed at restricting drilling, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will announce 47 potential lease sales covering 25 of the 26 outer continental shelf planning areas. The Department of the Interior (DOI) will propose 19 lease sales off the Alaskan coast, 12 in the Gulf of Mexico, nine in the Atlantic and seven in the Pacific.

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Report: US Poised To Eclipse Russia And Saudi Arabia As World’s New Oil King

Surging shale oil output will allow the U.S. to topple Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top crude oil producer, according to a Wednesday report from research firm Rystad Energy.

Rystad predicts that the American energy providers will ratchet up crude oil production by 10 percent to about 11 million barrels per day, the report notes, making 2018 the first time in more than 40 years that the U.S. out-gained Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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Reclaiming America’s Leadership In Nuclear Power

It is not often that a vote by a relatively little-known state agency has broader impact across the nation.

But when the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Georgia met December 21, their actions reverberated across the country and in doing so gave renewed hope to reinvigorating America’s nuclear power industry.

The PSC voted unanimously to approve the completion of the Plant Vogtle nuclear project in Waynesboro, Georgia.

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Why Killing Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is No Simple Task

This month marks the end of the formal public comment period on the current administration’s proposal to repeal an overarching environmental regulation, which critics contend would add substantial costs to electricity.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced in October it intended to repeal the so-called Clean Power Plan, proposed by Barack Obama’s administration.

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New England Facing A Winter Energy Crisis That Was Largely Preventable

While New England’s power grid operator predicted it would have enough energy supplies to meet demand this winter, it admitted there could be problems if record-low temperatures set in.

“While New England has adequate capacity resources to meet projected demand, a continuing concern involves the availability of fuel for those power plants to generate electricity when needed,” grid operator ISO New England reported in November.

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US Shatters All-Time Record For Natural Gas Usage During Arctic Freeze

Frozen warehouse after fire put out.

The U.S. broke a record Monday for most natural gas ever burned amid a prolonged winter freeze that as covered half of the country under a thick layer of snow.

Americans used more gas during the most-recent cold snap than they did during the so-called polar vortex that covered the U.S.’ eastern half with arctic air in 2014, according to data from PointLogic Energy, an oil and gas firm that monitor gas usage.

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Trump’s executive order on minerals will boost national defense

Last month, President Trump took an important step toward ensuring America’s long-term national security by signing an executive order to improve access to America’s metals and minerals. The order fundamentally changes U.S. policy toward critical minerals and will assure the United States has access to these materials for use in every major defense system.

It will also create jobs and strengthen the domestic industrial base by reenergizing the U.S. mining industry and the value-added manufacturers who turn mining products into metals, alloys, and eventually consumer products and even weapon systems.

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U.S. Shale Oil Production Booms As New Year Begins

U.S. crude oil production is flirting with record highs heading into the new year, thanks to the technological nimbleness of shale oil drillers. The United States is so awash in oil that petroleum-rich Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil and natural gas company is reportedly interested in investing in the fertile Texas Permian Basin shale oil region. The Washington Post, 31 December 2017

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Trump’s EPA Has Cleaned Up Seven Of The Most Toxic Sites In The US

Shpack Landfill in Massachusetts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partly or completely cleaned seven of the most toxic land sites, called Superfund sites, in the U.S. in 2017, according to the EPA.

Of the seven sites designated for cleanup, three were completely cleansed, while four others still require some work. The cleanup effort is a significant improvement over the year prior when the EPA completely cleaned one Superfund site and parts of another.

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Eco-terrorist attacks on energy infrastructure on tap for 2018

Determined to disrupt the interstate transport of oil and natural gas throughout the United States, a network of environmental activists is openly threatening to resort to sabotage to achieve their ends.

And having let their intentions be known, they are crying foul now that law enforcement officials are taking their threats seriously.

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