Sen. Warren ‘Delighted’ Tax Plan is Benefiting Her Constituents, Then Rails Against It

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts railed against GOP-led tax cuts Wednesday before admitting that they will likely result in lower electricity rates for people in her home state.

Warren railed against the tax cuts during an interview on Fox News, but back-peddled after interviewer Bret Baier mentioned energy companies are planning rate cuts in response to reduced corporate taxes.

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Dems Suggest Trump’s Florida Oil Drilling Exemption Reeks Of Political Cronyism

Gov. Rick Scott-R

Democrats are painting the Department of Interior’s (DOI) Tuesday decision to exempt Florida from its new offshore oil-and-gas leasing plan as a naked political ploy designed to help Republicans.

President Donald Trump’s move allowing Florida to opt out of the new policy was done to help Republican Gov. Rick Scott before he runs for Senate, according to Sens. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida. They are also annoyed that the DOI did not carve out exemptions for their states.

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Germany Is Dropping Its Global Warming Goals After Climate-Shaming Trump

Germany’s utopian dream of transforming itself into the world’s green powerhouse is collapsing as its political and media establishment is mugged by reality. The country’s climate obsession has turned into one of the country’s biggest political and economic handicaps, making Germany almost ungovernable.

Most remarkable: Germany’s failed and increasingly unpopular climate policies are at the core of the crisis. It also signals the collapse of Germany’s decade-old climate consensus.–Benny Peiser, Mugged By Reality, Germany’s Climate Consensus Is Collapsing,  20 November 2017

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ExxonMobil: Calif. localities suing over climate change failed to mention alleged risks to investors

The risks posed by human-caused climate change were apparently alarming enough to prompt seven California municipalities last year to sue ExxonMobil, but not serious enough to disclose in full to their investors.

In a Monday filing in Texas state court, ExxonMobil accused the localities of exaggerating the climate-change threat in court documents, arguing that they failed to raise red flags about climate-driven disasters such as drought, wildfires and ocean acidification in their earlier bond offerings.

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Pro-Trump Energy Tycoon Lays Into Anti-Coal Michael Bloomberg, Regulators

A prominent coal CEO and avid supporter of the Trump administration calls former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg one of the most dangerous men in America in a wide-ranging interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Bloomberg and former President Barack Obama have done immeasurable damage to the U.S. energy grid, according to Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray. Their anti-coal campaigns are destroying jobs and hurting people trying to stay warm this winter, Murray said.

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Australian coal plant preventing blackouts scheduled for closure

Liddell coal-fired power plant

Parts of Australia have managed to escape widespread blackouts during the country’s hottest summer in recent years, thanks in large part to a coal power plant that is scheduled to be shuttered in 2022.

New South Wales (NSW), an area located on Australia’s East Coast, has relied on black coal to stave off energy blackouts during 100-degree Fahrenheit days. Blackouts occurred Sunday in Ausgrid, which lost power to 4,000 homes on the Central Coast.

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Stop fighting climate change. It’s natural and unstoppable

In today’s crazy world, Western politicians are wasting billions of taxpayer dollars force-feeding costly, unreliable green energy in the bizarre belief that this will somehow change Earth’s climate.

Even more incredible, they fear global warmth and seem hell-bent on creating global cooling.

They should study climate history.  It is snow and ice; cold, dry air; and carbon dioxide starvation we need to fear, not a warm, moist, fertile, bountiful atmosphere.

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You’ve Got No Mail: German Postal Electric Vans Fail In Cold Weather

Should I stay or should I go?

The online Die Welt/N24 here reports on how the German Post (Deutsche Post) put electric vehicles dubbed StreetScooters into action last summer with the high hopes of making mail delivery greener.

Months later it is emerging that things are not working out as hoped as a myriad of technical problems has emerged.

With winter weather in full swing, postal workers are finding out that they have to choose between turning on the heater are becoming stranded in the middle of the route because the vehicle’s battery has lost its charge, Die Welt/N24 reports.

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Emergency Costs For German’s Green Energy Transition Explode

Irregular and unpredictable wind and solar power are increasingly becoming a problem for Germany’s power grid. Utility company Tennet TSO spent almost a billion euros last year on emergency interventions to stabilize the national grid. That’s what the company announced earlier this week. The costs were thus about 50% higher than in 2016 (660 million euros) and around forty percent higher than in 2015 (710 million). —Alex Reichmuth, Basler Zeitung, 6 January 2018

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Energy favoritism is clear in the hype for renewables

Energy favoritism now has become a bonafide topic of conversation in Washington, D.C. Where else but in our nation’s capital could energy subsidies and government intervention become a heated topic at New Year’s parties?

But it has energized by two potentially significant events breaking simultaneously. First are the federal tax bills that may or may not reduce subsidies to some energy producers.

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NOAA Climate Scientists Predicted Third Warm Winter In A Row

Warmer-than-normal conditions are most likely across the southern two-thirds of the continental U.S., along the East Coast, across Hawaii and in western and northern Alaska. -–NOAA, 19 October 2017

This year scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are placing their bets on a warmer-than-average winter. In the East and southern two-thirds of the country, temperatures will be higher than normal, while Southern California, Texas, and Florida will be drier than usual. –Eric Niler, Wired, 23 October 2017

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