Eco-terrorist attacks on energy infrastructure on tap for 2018

Determined to disrupt the interstate transport of oil and natural gas throughout the United States, a network of environmental activists is openly threatening to resort to sabotage to achieve their ends.

And having let their intentions be known, they are crying foul now that law enforcement officials are taking their threats seriously.

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Report Makes Lofty Claim That Earth Will Become A Desert Without Paris Deal

A large portion of Earth will be covered in desert wastelands if the world does not meet the goals of the Paris climate deal, according to a research group with a history of making dubious claims.

More than 25 percent of the world’s population will be living in a drought and growing desertification if global temperatures increase 2 degrees Celsius by 2050, reads a report published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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Warmist fear-mongers go after women and apologetic husbands

Now that the “end of snow” has proven to be a bust, warmist fear-mongers are going low and attacking the tranquility of marital relations.

The global warming con game has not delivered on the apocalyptic predictions that scared people into support of more government power over the economy.  Remember the “end of snow”?

Because warmism is a scientific theory based on computer models that lack hard data support and therefore fabricates (“adjusts”) actual temperatures to make them appear to conform to the theory, all the Warmists needed to do was fiddle with their models and rebrand it as “climate change” to claim that “global warming can mean harsher winter weather.”

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Exposing the myths of drilling in the Alaskan tundra

Way back in 1980, Congress passed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, establishing the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and making numerous other land use decisions for our 49th state.

Section 1002 of the act postponed a decision on managing ANWR’s 1.5-million-acre coastal plain, which has enormous oil and gas potential and is important summertime wildlife habitat.

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Gov Cuomo’s Move To Sell Off Oil Assets Could Cost NY Retirees Their Savings

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pledge to rid the state pension fund of fossil fuel-related assets could cost New York City’s retirement funds more than $1 trillion over the course of 50 years.

Cuomo is creating a plan to divest the New York State Common Retirement Fund from oil and coal investments as part of his 2018 agenda. The plan will be more fully fleshed out during the governor’s Jan. 3 State of the State speech — the scheme could hit citizens right in the wallet.

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Arctic Ice Alarmists Rear Their Frigid Heads

The latest example of arctic hysteria comes from the usual suspects published at the usual venue, Inside Climate News. Polar Ice Is Disappearing, Setting Off Climate Alarms

Excerpts below with my bolds: The short-term consequences of Arctic (and Antarctic) warming may already be felt in other latitudes. The long-term threat to coastlines is becoming even more dire.

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Esteemed German Climatologist Blasts Global Warming As ‘Clever Propaganda’ Tool

Retired German climatologist Dr. Werner Kirstein recently spoke on the topic of climate change before a packed audience at the 14th Anti-Censorship Conference (AZK) last November, blasting the politicization of climate science and taking issue on how data are (mis)handled and deceitfully presented to the public.

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The 30 Trillion Reasons Why the Green Blob Must Die in 2018

In this time of alcohol-fuelled indolence, late nights, late breakfasts, and “oh God, do I really have to go back to work already?” I think it’s important that we remind ourselves who our enemies are and whom we must destroy utterly in 2018.

For me, there is one candidate that stands out above all the others, not because it’s the most physically dangerous or the most savagely cruel or the most monstrously evil, but simply because it is the most ubiquitous and insidiously vile and repellant.

I’m talking, of course, about the Green Blob.

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President Trump trolls the global warmers – hilarity ensues

Heatwaves are climate change but long-term cold is the weather.

For those who follow the cult-like world of Anthropogenic Global Warming promoters, this has to be the Tweet of the year.

What’s fun about it, is not just the way President Trump frames the missive and pokes a jab at the Paris Accord, but the reactions to it.

Of course many of the same people who are calling it a wide variety of things (stupid, irresponsible, anti-science, etc.) are the very same people who promote short-term heatwaves as “proof” of human-caused climate change getting worse.

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FLASHBACK: It’s Been Four Years Since NYTimes Announced ‘The End Of Snow’

It’s been four years since the New York Times ran an editorial declaring the end of snow was nigh if the developing world didn’t switch from fossil fuels to some form of green energy.

The editorial takes on an added resonance thanks to the incredible amount of snow many Americans have experienced this December. Pennsylvania, for instance, is wrestling with nearly 60 inches of snow dumped on the state on Christmas.

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