To Avoid Liability, Utilities Blame ‘Climate Change’ For California Wildfires

Utility executives have a new liability-avoidance strategy for devastating California wildfires that power lines may have been caused — blame global warming.

It’s part of utilities’ plans to alter state laws and regulations on wildfire liability. Current legislation holds utilities responsible for equipment-related wildfires, regardless of whether or not companies followed safety rules.

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Industries Band Together To Gobble Up Taxpayer Dollars For ‘Clean Coal’ Tech

Several interest groups and energy lobbyists are exerting pressure on lawmakers to double down on legislation designed to prop up so-called clean-coal technology.

Nearly 50 signed on with a coalition pushing new technology that scientists believe helps reduce the threat greenhouse-gas emissions pose on climate change. Some group members are in the process of developing a carbon-capture technology.

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How Carbon-Neutral Schemes Are Taxes In Sheep’s Clothing

There are a lot of wacky schemes around for forcing people to stop using carbon-based energy, even though ‘fire’ is still the basis for human civilization.

The economists like carbon taxes, because in economics a tax is not a cost, just a transfer. Those who pay these taxes disagree, but no one ever said that economics is a sensible science.

The big problem with carbon taxes (other than the false underlying premise) is that they hit the poor hardest because energy is proportionately a bigger part of poor people’s budgets. To get around this we get what is laughingly called “revenue neutral” tax schemes.

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‘Keep It In The Ground’ Movement Needs A Dose Of Reality

Several weeks ago, the City of New York sued five big oil companies, including ExxonMobil, BP, and Shell, for damages related to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, greenhouse gas emissions from the production and consumption of fossil fuels precipitated a change in global climate that caused the storm to hit the city.

Eight California cities and counties, including Richmond, which is home to a large Chevron refinery, have also filed lawsuits against a range of oil, gas, and coal companies seeking billions of dollars to help pay for past and future damages linked to climate change.

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Russian Cold Shot Set To Shock-Freeze Europe…Cold Temperatures…High Winds

Chart below shows wind-chill temps for Europe over the coming days…meteorologist Dominik Jung warns homeless at serious risk.

Interestingly some people – meteorologists among them – have been poking fun at the “hype” or even have blasted media outlets and other private meteorologists for “sensationalizing” the forecast Cold Beast from the East.

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Green Ideology’s Failed Experiment With Renewables

At a February 2000 press conference, the first man to walk on the moon announced the National Academy of Engineering’s twenty most significant engineering achievements of the twentieth century.

The aeroplane took third place; the automobile second; in first, the vast networks of electricity that power the developed world. None of the other nineteen would have been possible without electricity, Neil Armstrong declared. “If anything shines as an example of how engineering changed the world during the twentieth century,” he said, “it is certainly the power we use in our homes and businesses.”[1]

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Study: No, Global Warming Will NOT Alter The Jet Stream

Man-made global warming is not going to make it harder to predict the weather, according to a new study by University of Missouri scientists.

The jet stream is key to the ability of meteorologists to forecast short-term weather patterns, and Atmospheric scientist Anthony Lupo and doctoral student Andrew Jensen wanted to see if adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere would affect jet stream flow.

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EXCLUSIVE: Eco-Billionaire Gave 500K To Oakland Mayor’s Pet Project Shortly Before Climate Lawsuit Filed

An anti-oil California billionaire poured half a million dollars into one of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s favorite educational programs shortly before the city announced lawsuits against energy companies, according to documents The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.

Tom Steyer provided Schaaf with a $500,000 donation to Oakland Promise Generation Fund and Children’s Initiative, a project the mayor uses to provide financial assistance to low-income students. TheDCNF’s documents also appear to show Steyer and Schaaf meeting less than a year later about an important matter.

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Polar Bear Battle In Toronto: It’s Good Science vs. Climate Do-Gooders

Coming next Tuesday to Toronto’s swanky Yorkville district, it’s the 2018 Polar Bear Showdown, an international display of conflicting views on the state of polar-bear science.

At one corner in Yorkville, in the ballroom of the upmarket Four Seasons Hotel, Polar Bears International (PBI) will stage a grand, $15,000-a-table gala to raise funds to protect the allegedly threatened Arctic species from the ravages of our addiction to fossil fuels.

At another corner, exactly one block away, in the Founders’ Room at the down-market Toronto Reference Library, the Global Warming Policy Foundation of London will launch a new report on the state of polar bears by Susan Crockford, adjunct professor at the University of Victoria. – Terence Corcoran, Financial Post, 22 February 2018

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Ten-point rebuttal on why atmospheric CO2 is not dangerous

Tornadoes are failing to follow “global warming” predictions. Big tornadoes have seen a decline in frequency since the 1950s.

Scientists are putting forward the case against CO2 endangerment by making submissions to inform EPA’s reconsideration of that erroneous finding some years ago.

As noted previously, the Supreme Court had ruled that EPA has authority to regulate CO2, but left it to the agency to study and decide the endangerment.

H/T to GWPF and WUWT for providing links to the documents submitted to EPA on this topic. This post provides a synopsis with some of the key exhibits (my bolds)

The first supplement (here) addressed the first part of the scientific case, namely that fossil fuel emissions cause warming in earth’s atmosphere. The rebuttal consists of three points:

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