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Aussie ex-PM Abbott Slams Climate Change ‘Religion’


Climate change is a religion whose followers behave like members of the Inquisition; it’s a condition where the cure is causing far more damage than the alleged disease; it’s a recipe for killing jobs, lowering standards of living, and hurting the poor…

Some of us knew this already. But you rarely hear it so trenchantly expressed by a former world leader – as it was in London yesterday by Aussie ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a hard-hitting, must-read speech for the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

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Trump’s $33 Billion Tax Cut You Didn’t Know You Just Got

In a recent editorial, we noted that President Trump’s decision to get rid of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan would be a major money-saver for companies and a deregulatory boost for the economy. Now, new data actually put a dollar figure on it.

Senior Trump officials now estimate that the president’s decision will save consumers some $33 billion. No, they won’t get a big notice on their monthly bill saying: “You saved $X amount this month, thanks to the repeal of the Clean Power Act.” But the money will go into their pocket nonetheless since they will avoid paying the much higher costs that Obama had baked into the energy cake through his plan to cut CO2 emissions by 35% over the next 14 years.

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(VIDEO) Rumors that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is dead bring about hilarious Al Gore spoof

Pat never misses an opportunity to mock Al Gore’s erroneous and hypocritical claims that climate change will end civilization as we know it.

A tweet suggesting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was dead went viral, was completely false, and horrified scientists.

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Eco-Terrorist Admits Necessity Plea Was A Ridiculous Justification For Sabotaging Pipelines

Michael Foster showing off his handiwork at Keystone 1 pipeline.

An environmentalist activist convicted of sabotaging oil pipelines in 2016 now claims he is having second thoughts about using the necessity defense to justify his crimes.

Michael Foster, who was convicted earlier this month of criminal mischief after damaging the Keystone XL Pipeline, now claims that he might “honor the judge and the jury and their verdict” rather than appealing the conviction. The antic was probably a waste of time, he now claims.

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Hillary Clinton Says Global Warming Is ‘Exacerbating’ California Wildfires, Science Says Otherwise

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said global warming played a role in “exacerbating” natural disasters, including the fires raging across northern California.

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks with hurricanes and earthquakes and now these terrible fires,” Clinton told an audience at the University of California/Davis while promoting her new book “What Happened.”

Hillary Clinton Says Global Warming Is Fueling California’s Wildfires—Science Says Shaddup

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October Arctic Surprise: Rapid Recovery Of Ice Extent

In recent years, October has seen some rapid recoveries of Arctic ice extents.  But this year may become something special. With the early onset of Siberian snow cover and the resulting surface cooling, ice is roaring back, especially on the Asian side. Consider the refreezing during the last 11 days through yesterday. —Ron Clutz, Science Matters, 7 October 2017

Tony Abbott, former PM of Australia, gave the annual GWPF lecture on Monday night. Predictably, the talk has been attacked, thereby giving it lots of publicity, and equally predictably, there is no substance to the attacks. —Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism, 10 October 2017

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Blatant Hypocrisy re. Social Cost of Carbon

Update of a post from last December, triggered by Michael Greenstone’s comments on the EPA Proposed Repeal of CO2 emissions regulations.  A Washington Post article today, October 11, 2017, includes this:

“My read is that the political decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan was made and then they did whatever was necessary to make the numbers work,” added Michael Greenstone, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago who worked on climate policy during the Obama years.

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Puerto Rican Politics Is Killing Recovery Efforts, FEMA Head Says

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Trolls Trump by Wearing ‘Nasty’ T-Shirt during an interview. Without power, who’s printing up her many custom T-shirts?

One of the largest roadblocks to recovery in Puerto Rico is the deep divide between the island’s politicians, according to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator William Long.

The division among Puerto Rico’s leaders has led to some officials refusing to work with Gov. Richard Rosselló, primarily because of his political stances.

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Why It’s Wise for Trump’s EPA to Repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan

It doesn’t say a lot for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) that 27 states filed legal challenges against it in 2015. Or that the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay barring its implementation in February 2016.

Former President Barack Obama issued the CPP more than two years ago in an effort to demonstrate U.S. leadership in reducing power-sector carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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