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Thank you for considering the Climate Change Dispatch web site for your online advertising needs! We work hard to keep our site current, continually adding new content to enhance its effectiveness as an advertising vehicle. We received over 60,000 visitors each month from people locally, nationally, and from around the world! See here for most recent stats.

PRICING AND PLACEMENT: When you select the popular pages on which your banners will appear (see below), our rate is only $50 per month per banner ad type (see below). Total availability of this type of ad (as of 08/14/09) is unlimited ad views and clicks per day. Your ad will be rotated with no more than three other ad clients with equal rotation. Placement on secondary pages (tier two or higher), the price is $50 per month, which includes the homepage.

Banner ads above content and right beneath navigation bar (very prominent) is $75/month.

The Climate Change Dispatch web site currently delivers over 60,000 each month, or 5,000 daily page views. We can put your ad on the prime pages of your choice or second-tier pages. And you know that your ad is targeting the people you want: educated, well-informed, political, and intellectually curious. Please read our About Us page to learn more about this site.

Banner specifications:
Banner 1 – Leaderboard: 468W x 60H pixels, 335 x 80 pixels
Position: Top of page below navigation bar, bottom of page, top of content page, bottom of content page

Banner 2 – Tile Ad: 120W x 60H pixels, 125 x 125 pixels, 200 x 200 pixels, 250 x 250 pixels
Position: Right hand-side column

Banner 3 – Skyscraper: 160W x 600H pixels, 120 x 600 pixels, 728 x 60 pixels, (add $25 for these sizes)
Position: Right hand-side column

Site requirements for ads:

  • We accept GIF, JPG, PNG, and Flash.
  • Flash versions accepted 5, 6, 7, and 8 with click tag.
  • 30k maximum file size for non-Rich Media ads.
    30k initial load and 100k maximum load for Rich Media ads.
  • Max 3 loops of animation ‚Äì up to 7 seconds of duration.
  • 72 DPI for GIF, JPG, and PNG.
  • All ads with links must use target “_blank”.
  • 30-second maximum for any non-user initiated animation.
  • No sound, please.
  • Creative with a white background must have a border to differentiate ad from editorial content.
  • Advertising cannot be directly competitive with and/or disparaging to
  • Ads cannot directly solicit contributions or donations.
  • We do not pad creatives with white space to ensure they meet size specifications.
  • We reserve the right to reject any potential ad campaign or creative without explanation.

Qualified advertising agencies: Deduct 15% from the above rates.

These rates are valid through Jan. 1, 2011. Minimum ad buy is THREE months. Climate Change Dispatch is a blog site with occasional TV-14 humor and certain TV-MA (language) videos (clearly indicated). All ads and target URLs are subject to editorial review, and may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of Climate Change Dispatch by refunding payment for all undelivered months. This site does not carry advertising for adult-oriented or gambling-related sites.

Contact Thomas RIchard using our contact page for more details. We look forward to working with you on your successful Internet marketing campaign.



Climate Change Dispatch reserves the right to not sell any business or organization ad space or a banner. We reserve the right to move your banner location at any time. We do not guarantee any amount of traffic, click-throughs, or impressions.  We only track click-thru’s received through your banners.  All statistics are variable.  Prices are subject to change. All monthly advertising rates require a six-month running time minimum purchase.  All banners can be linked to a website or email address.