Worried Dems concerned Trump is singling out DOE workers

In a letter sent today to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, top Democrats in congress are concerned that #Donald Trump‘s transition team is targeting DOE employees who have worked on #Climate Change policy. The letter was sent after the Department of Energy (DOE) received a list of questions from the transition team, some of which were standard and others they believe were out of bounds and “unprecedented.”

While members of the #Democratic Party want the original letter the transition team sent to the Energy Department, “Bloomberg” obtained the questionnaire earlier this week. It reported the Trump team asked the DOE to list all contractors and employees who attended U.N.-sponsored climate summits and those that helped developed the president’s social cost of carbon metrics.

We won’t comply

Agency spokesperson Eben Burnham-Snyder told the “Washington Post” they would not comply with the information and not provide any individual names. The DOE said it would only give out publicly available information to the transition team. That prompted activists to spread a rumor that Trump was planning on deleting climate change databases, leading the University of Toronto to sponsor a ‘hackathon’ to protect climate data.

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    DOE employees targeted ? Oh like the ones at the EPA and DOE who were bullied and ousted under that Obama era . That’s what happens when you win . You listen to the
    voters that got you elected and you change coarse otherwise there is no point in having an election . Obama/Clinton believe in preachy big government and Trump doesn’t .
    The DOE can’t expect tax payers to pay for exotic vacations at save the planet conferences any longer . So hand over the names so the new government can carry out their fiduciary obligation to protect the public interest . If you have a problem with that then hit the road .

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