Witches, Jews, and Climate Deniers

Throughout history, hate groups have looked for scapegoats to blame things on.

In the 16th century, progressive hate groups blamed bad weather on witches and burned tens of thousands of witches at the stake. Now they blame skeptics. In the 1930s and 1940s, progressives put millions of Jews in gas chambers as scapegoats for Germany’s problems, and now progressive hate groups blame the weather on people who resist their climate scam. They want to criminalize and prosecute free speech and scientific inquiry.

Mark Hertsgaard says flooding in Texas and Bangladesh was caused by global warming skeptics. He says that people who resist the largest scam in history are murderers.

Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us | The Nation

Mark also believes that the Arctic is ice-free.

The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015

The Huffington Post agrees with his assessment that global warming causes Texas hurricanes and flooding in Bangladesh.

Houston, Bangladesh, And Global Warming | HuffPost

Had these fake journalists done any research, they would have known that the deadliest hurricane in history occurred in Bangladesh in 1970.  Nearly half a million people died in that storm, which was blamed at the time by climatologists on global cooling.

16 Nov 1970, Page 1 – Estherville Daily News at Newspapers.com

In the 1970s, warm weather was considered mild, and cold weather was considered harsh. Climatologists blamed all bad weather on global cooling,

21 Jul 1974, Page 13 – The Des Moines Register at Newspapers.com

The next article in the same July 21, 1974, Des Moines Register issue showed what the left is really about – they wanted to stop global cooling via totalitarian government.

Now progressives want to stop global warming via totalitarian government. Global cooling, global warming – it doesn’t matter. It is just an excuse for these psychopaths.

The deadliest hurricane in US history occurred in Texas this week in the year 1900.

12 Sep 1900, Page 1 – The Brooklyn Daily Eagle at Newspapers.com

The beliefs of the left have nothing to do with science, weather, or climate. People like Mark Hartsgaard are simply members of another hate group looking for scapegoats. They move from one generation to the next looking for a new outlet to vent their hatred of other human beings.

People like Mark are dangerous, intellectually corrupt people looking to hurt other people. That is all they are about. Socialists killed tens of millions of people last century, and they want to do a repeat now. They pretend to care about other people – but they couldn’t care less.

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    Have to admire the work ethic of Tony Heller. The Warmists will go on a rampage armed with fresh hurricane disaster – pornography. They won’t acknowledge the decade – long lull.
    Also, Tony uses the correct version of ” couldn’t care less”.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The global Warming wackos blame american’s and america as well as trump for these latest two hurricanes they did the same with katrina and sandy becuase trump has rejected the globalists Paris Accord and the eco-nuts will claim that Gaia their Earth Mother is punishing america for rejecting Global Warming like some wacko James Lovelock wrote a book with the silly title GAIAS REVENGE

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    This dude sounds like someone that had too much acid in the 60’s .
    Say goodbye to polar bears ? Ice free Arctic ? That’s why the scary global warming promoters are out of ammo . The public can only take so much BS .

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