Wisconsin DNR drops climate change from its site, media storm ensues

Coast Guard ice cutter on Lake Erie.

The Wisconsin DNR is getting flak for updating its site and removing any reference to #Climate Change. Rather, the Department of Natural Resources site writes the Earth has been going through changes throughout its “long history” and those changes are still being studied and debated. It also took down wording where scientists speculate on how global warming may affect the Great Lakes region, such as ice coverage and precipitation.

Prior to the changes, the DNR website said the Great Lakes region may see a variety of problems from global warming, despite no evidence of any changes. DNR reiterates its mission is to manage and protect the state’s waterways and lakes, including wildlife and plants. The site notes the DNR staff are equipped and ready to adapt to any foreseeable problems and changes to the #Environment.

Walker vs. Obama

Gov. Scott Walker (R) has been critical of President Obama‘s onerous climate regulations that he believes are hampering economic growth. Walker is also responsible for hiring the head of the DNR and his Attorney General Brad Schimel joined other states suing the federal government over its Clean Power Plan, currently on hold by the Supreme Court. The person spearheading the lawsuit is President-Elect #Donald Trump‘s pick to head the EPA, Scott Pruitt.

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    The people and the DNR of Wisconsin are not afraid to call BS on one of the biggest hoax’s of our time , catastrophic global warming . Let’s hope their support of Mr. Trump isn’t taken for granted like the Demo -Greens did .
    Warming while it lasts is a bloody good thing because we all know climate changes as it has done for over 4 Billion years .
    This scam is as absurd as saying eating vegetables are bad for you .

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