Wind turbine rule allows killing thousands of eagles a year

The #Obama administration has given the green light for 30-year permits that allow the wind industry to kill thousands of eagles each year without penalty. U.S. wildlife managers said that thousands of eagles are killed every year due to impacts with the giant wind turbines, blades, towers, and power lines. The midnight green energy regulation is being done to ensure President Obama’s ‘climate’ legacy remains intact after President-elect #Donald Trump takes office.

The finished rule will go into effect Jan. 15 and extends an existing permit that allows for accidental deaths to the bald and golden eagle from wind farms. The previous permit allowed for up to 4,200 bald eagle deaths a year from wind farm killings. The blades can create powerful vortexes that suck in the eagles and other birds and chop them to pieces.

Thousands killed each year

The Fish and Wildlife Service said the current population of 40,000 bald eagles could withstand 2,000 bird deaths a year from turbines. Bald eagles, however, number 140,000 and can tolerate 4,200 deaths a year without hurting the population. That’s more than four times the current limit.

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    What do the Democrats have against Eagles ? Well they do represent freedom and are
    a disposable casualty in order to pay back the party puppet masters .
    What would happen if the global warming fear industry killed 4,200 of their chosen mascot polar bears ?
    Another Obama legacy issue . How many sleeps till these A holes are gone ?

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      Well said. Also imagine the flip-side: What would happen if even one eagle was killed at a conventional power plant that produces reliable, dispatchable energy? Or an Oil Refinery? Coal Mine? The outragey indignation about the terrible crime against these “majestic birds” and “the planet” would be front page news for a week.

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    Hell, this is just as ignorant as the worldwide outrage when a few ducks landed on a settling pond at the Alberta Tarsands. Treehuggers everywhere were shitting their diapers with rage for those 23 ducks. These same ducks die by the hundreds every year when they smash into frozen lakes and ponds.Why aren’t the environmental radicals out there supporting global warming so the lakes and ponds don’t freeze? Fk, you just can’t make some people happy.

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