@WikiLeaks: Clinton, Tree-Hugging Billionaire Donor Share The Same High-Powered Lawyer

Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign shares the same liberal crusading lawyer as billionaire Democratic moneyman Tom Steyer, according to leaked documents published Saturday.

Clinton legal advisor, Marc Elias, also happens to represent Steyer, a man for whom the Clinton team has worked hard to solicit money from throughout the campaign. The revelation comes from a trove of hacked emails from Democratic operative John Podesta.

Podesta, who serves as the chairman of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, condemned the hacked emails, telling reporters on Oct. 10 that he doesn’t know where the “unauthentic” emails originated. The memo was one of more than 10,000 emails that have been illegally leaked by WikiLeaks over the course of the election season.

“I spoke with Elias today. He’s good with our plan ‚Äì ideally, we ask Tom to host HRC’s first fundraiser in San Fran on May 8, raise all of his $$ through that event now, then he can spend the rest of the cycle on the IE stuff,” Clinton’s finance director, Dennis Cheng, wrote in a memo addressed to both Elias and Podesta.

He was addressing an ongoing plan to hash out legal ways to get the billionaire fully on board the Clinton train. Cheng and Elias apparently found a way for Steyer to help fund the campaign without giving off the appearance the campaign was breaking campaign finance laws.

“He has his own lawyers, so I will first facilitate a lawyer to lawyer call,” Podesta responded, apparently not realizing Elias was included in the email chain.

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