@WIKILEAKS: Clinton Camp Asked For Money From Donor With Russian Oil Ties

hillary-putinDemocratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign pitched a small group of wealthy liberals worried about global warming to become “climate policy donors,” according to a leaked email chain.

One of those donors, however, has taken money from a Bermuda-based law firm with extensive ties to Russia. The email chain was one of thousands published online by WikiLeaks from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s hacked Gmail account.

“We’re scheduling a 30-45 minute call with Robby and a group of approximately 6-10 donors and donor prospects interested in climate and energy policy for Tuesday, September 15 between 12pm ‚Äì 4pm ET,” Clinton aide Michael Smith wrote in an August 2015 email.

“Purpose of the call would be to give a general campaign update and discuss how climate and energy issues are playing out within the context of the race,” he said, also providing a list of donors expected to attend.

“They’re all people I have strong relationships with. Weird not to have me on the call. If the calendar doesn’t work, let’s schedule so I can do,” Podesta responded.

The “Climate Policy” donors list included hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer, green building pioneer Daniel Tishman Bloomberg Philanthropies environmental program head Antha Williams and wealthy investor Nat Simons.

Simons is not only listed as a major Clinton bundler, he also founded the Sea Change Foundation, which has given tens of millions of dollars to environmental groups since its founding in 2006.

Sea Change, however, took $23 million in 2010 and 2011 from the Bermuda-based shell company Klein Ltd that’s based out of the offices of a law firm Wakefield Quin. Sea Change gave millions to environmental groups during that time, including $55 million to the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council.

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    You can take money from other country dictators , have a pathological sex poodle for a husband , lie about international events , delete 30,000 E mails after being told to produce them , have a foundation to siphon political favor for cash , faint at any time ,
    and be the next President of the USA . Ain’t America great . But don’t produce your tax return for the world to analyze and you are screwed . One would think the Republicans might have picked up on that before devastating their Party’s credibility further .
    We need a Hero. We need a Hero . Over 300 million people and this is what people get to vote on ?

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