Where Do Luvvies Keep Their Brains?


I’m sure showbiz luvvies must have some brains, it’s just that I don’t know where they keep them!

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Beach buyers including Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga are moving on up (literally) and over to the once-unimaginable side of the PCH for not only more privacy but rising sea level fears: “The smaller the beach gets at Broad Beach, the bigger the numbers are going to get” on the bluffs.


Apparently, as many as 1 million Californians could be affected by rising sea levels by 2100, driving some home buyers to bluff-side areas like Malibu Park, perched 50 feet above the Pacific Coast Highway.

A wise decision if you ask me. According to Wikipedia, the average altitude of Malibu is 32 meters.

At this rate, they will all be paddling in about 336,000 years time!



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    Spurwing Plover


    Malidu is alos the place that made itself a scancary city the Bo boo in malibu let these fools beat their brains out over a hoax just choose another travel venue this summer

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