When Asked To Show Evidence Of Man-Made Warming, Scientists Can’t Do It

Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts

There’s probably not a phrase that the global warming alarmists and dim celebrities trying to play the role of intellectuals use more than some variation of “the science is settled.” It’s a catchy phrase that’s intended to shut down debate and shame skeptics.

And it’s simply not true.

The alarmist community has had almost three decades to prove its assumptions, and while it is plausible that there has been a small measure of warming, the disaster many predicted hasn’t occurred.

Worse for them, it’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty that the warming that has happened — and quite possibly there’s been none at all — was caused by man. Earth’s climate has warmed and cooled throughout its existence. It’s part of the natural cycle.

Yet the alarmist community persists and never acknowledges that it might be wrong. At the same time, when its members are pressed to prove that their one-way beliefs are indeed fact, they can’t do it.

Consider a recent exchange in Australia, in which a skeptic, parliament member Malcolm Roberts, asked scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization to convince him that there was proof of man-made global warming. With Roberts being a skeptic, the scientists naturally had a high hurdle to clear. But the response Roberts received was not particularly compelling.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Alan Finkel responded with the usual stale answers: Atmospheric carbon dioxide traps heat, CO2 emissions have increased, therefore man must be warming his planet.

Then the Morning Herald noted, in a paraphrase, that Finkel conceded that “the effect of warming on climate wasn’t clear.” It followed with a direct quotation from Finkel, which was actually an admission.

“We have models to try to predict what that will be and that’s difficult,” said Finkel.

Difficult. And wrong.

Finkel’s failure to complete the task that Roberts put before him is nothing new nor isolated. Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has said there “is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years,” while science writer Michael Fumento wrote convincingly three years ago that proof of global warming was evaporating.

What the alarmists call “proof” and “evidence” is nothing more than conjecture. They cannot prove that man’s activities have warmed the planet, even if the next 100 years are twice as hot as they have predicted. They can lay out their “evidence” as if in a courtroom, and urge the jury to make the connection.

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    It really isn’t the scientific community claiming “the science is settled ” nonsense . It is people like AL Gore who have grown impatient because many of their scary global warning bets have turned to crap . Chicago Climate Exchange for example .
    In the USA big Democrat backers love the grants and tax payer backed loan guarantees to “renewable ” businesses which have had massive flame outs after getting tax payer cash . Spend $100 million on getting Hillary elected pays back 100 to 1 guaranteed .
    Humans impact the earth in everything we do but as UN officials acknowledged
    years ago they were looking for a rallying cause and global warming from CO2 was the ticket .
    Scientists can’t honestly say they understand the main influences responsible for climate change so how ridiculous to try and con people that a trace gas essential to plant growth and therefore life on earth is public enemy number one .
    The fanciful con job will go down as the biggest fraud in history .
    Good on Malcolm Roberts for calling BS on it . Hopefully some other politicians will get some backbone and mitigate the fraud as their citizens have a right to expect .
    Abetting a crime is as bad as trying to pull it off .

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      Depends on the jurisdiction
      But in the USA
      Being an accessory to a crime is the same as
      Committing the crime.

      And that is a point that should be recognized about Hill-Ree

      She has never separated herself nor distanced herself from any of
      The criminal cabal that runs and aids her campaign.

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