Watters’ World: Earth Day Edition ‘Global Warming Greater Threat Than Terrorism’

watter vidFox News Insider:

“The O’Reilly Factor” sent correspondent Jesse Watters to Washington, D.C. to cover the 45th Annual Earth Day Celebration. (VIDEO AT END)

Here’s what some of the folks had to say when asked about various Earth Day topics:

Happy Earth Day:

“I think of Earth Day as a way to celebrate the Earth.”

Jesse: “Do you worship Mother Earth?”


How do you help the planet?

“Carpool ‚Äì that’s what I do.”

Jesse: “So you pick up a lot of hitchhikers?”

“No, I carpool with friends.”

Upon Seeing Trash:

Jesse: “What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to pick it up.”

Jesse: “Let’s pick it up.”

“You go ahead, I’m going to eat.”

Jesse: “There. No littering on Earth Day.”

Big Recycler?

“I’m not a big recycler, but I feel that’s the steps toward it if we want to make this world a better place.”

Jesse: “You don’t recycle, but you’re here on Earth Day?”


Bigger Threat to US: Climate Change or Terrorism? 

“I mean I would go with climate change.”

Jesse: “A lot of more people have died because of terrorism.”

“Yeah, but I’m not a people person.”

Jesse: “Do you think the Earth is overpopulated?”

“Yes, I think we need to do something to control that.”

Jesse: “So maybe we should all just kill ourselves?”

“Not on Earth Day.”

What’s Going On Here?

Jesse: “When did global warming start?”

“As soon as we started destroying the Earth.”

Jesse: “When was that?”

“Start of civilization.”

Jesse: “How did the Earth warm up then after the Ice Age?”

“Okay, what’s going on here?”

The Factor’s Take:

Jesse: “It’s a young crowd ‚Äì most of them were there for the concert ‚Äì obviously, this was a free concert. And that’s smart because no one really cares about global warming ‚Äì it’s not a priority.

The funny thing is that all of the performers that were there on stage flew in with private jets and took SUVs to  the concert.”

Bill: “We’re mocking it a little bit, but we believe in a clean environment. The Factor wants the planet to be clean, so we’re not denigrating those people.

We’re just having a little fun with it, right Watters?”

Jesse: “We’re poking holes in their ozone layer.”

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