Watch Now: The Uncomfortable Pause; EDF climate expert explains lack of global warming

Catholic network, EWTN – May 14, 2015 – Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) climate expert and lobbyist Carol Andress Vs. Climate Depot’s Marc Morano.


Watch Full 15 Minute Debate between Morano & Andress here – Starts at 25 min. in:


Interviewed on the Catholic network, EWTN, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) climate expert Carol Andress is asked about the 18 year ‘pause in global warming’ by host Raymond Arroyo.

worldArroyo: ‘Carol, some groups say the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that they failed to recognize this pause in global warming. Is that an issue? Do they have a point? There’s been this sort of 18 year pause where, you don’t, it’s not warming up?’  (See: Global warming ‘pause’ expands to ‘new record length’: No warming for 18 years 5 months)

Andress: ‘I can’t speak to that, I, the, yeh, uhh…’

Arroyo: ‘You can’t speak to that?’

Andress: ‘I can’t speak to that particular IPCC, uh…’

Arroyo: ‘Anomoly?’

Andress: ‘…anomoly. Uh, the, I mean the fact is, you know, eh, the, uh, this is pretty basic physics, uh, what were talking about in terms of the gasses, uh, and the effect that they have on trapping heat, uh, the, eh, uh, it’s, an we, you know, the fact is, it’s common sense that if we’re going to be throwing at, be, if we’re going to be burning, eh, and putting unlimited pollution into the air, that eventually it’s going to have an impact.’


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    Any day now, their lies will be exposed to the fullest!

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    John Catley


    But it’s not just this lady who struggles. Time and time again, when questioned or challenged all these people come out with the same useless and confused bluster.
    I have yet to see any of the so called spokespersons do anything more than ramble on about “settled science” and “scientists tell us”.
    Contrast that with Marc Morano in this video, who in spite of less than helpful over-control by the host, provides accurate, relevant and concise facts.
    What is wrong with the world if they can’t see through the smokescreen?

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    Will Scribe


    She struggles to answer,
    Diverts from the subject;
    We just must always accept,
    We must learn not to object!

    Read why we need to stop being afraid:

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    Dan B.


    Funny how models always seem to trump data in their minds.

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    OMG, this was painful to watch. Good work by Marc! … That lady just made me cringe whenever she would talk. I actually was feeling a bit sorry for her, until I remembered why she was there (propaganda queen).

    Great work Marc .. keep it up!

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    derp-de-derp…gasses… you-know…science….duh…

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    Well give her credit for showing up .There are enough cowards in the global warming hustle that we shouldn’t complain too loud when one comes out from behind the curtain .

    She is supposed to be a climate expert and claims she can’t speak to the IPCC report that all of the scam is based on ?
    What about the other satellite data that confirms the climate model projections are over exaggerated crap .

    Deflect ,generalize,and avoid questions that may shed light on the misinformation
    being promoted is an all to familiar pattern with scary global warming hustlers .

    Marc Morano was honest and direct with facts to back up his comments .She carried on with the same scary global warming (climate change ) rhetoric that wore thin 10 years ago . She is in a time warp.

    As long as groups like the EDF want to continue to BS people with exaggerated claims constructive progress on important environmental issues will be treated despairingly as the fraud catastrophic global warming .

    The problem is the scam paid so well for so long .
    Its like sticking with a once popular
    product after people have a new thing .
    A lot of companies have gone down hanging on to what used to work.

    It would be OK to let them blather on but
    science gets side swiped .Progress
    on environmental matters gets treated with the same bad reputation of public manipulation and dishonesty the chicken little, the earth has a fever promoters , so well deserves .

    Well done Marc, it’s to bad we feel compelled to congratulate people for just
    being honest .

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