WaPo Cherry Blossom Claims Refuted: “Nothing But Lies And Statistical Manipulations”!

Reader David Reich left a comment  in response to Kenneth Richard’s post on grape harvests and climate.

I’ve decided to upgrade it as a post below. Both stories show that today’s climate is well within the range of our climate’s natural variability over the past 100 and 1000 years, and that today’s weather events aren’t unusual.

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms, By David Reich

This [Grape Harvest Date Evidence: No Significant Modern Warmth] reminds me of the Washington Post (WaPo) story that ran a story a few days ago about the earlier than normal Washington DC cherry blossoms hitting their “peak day”. It was stated by the National Park Service that the blossoms are now blooming “on average about 5 days earlier than normal” since records have been kept by NPS.

So, I went back and checked the data. Turns out that the data have been kept for 96 years going back to 1921. The average day of hitting “peak” during the decade of the 1920’s was day 93 into the year ‚Äì April 3 in a non-leap year, April 2 in a leap year. The average in this decade so far is………92 days. So, how does the Park Service come up with “about 5 days”?

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    Climate changes and it is getting warmer . Good .
    Let us know when it is entering a big scary cooling stage
    and until then governments quit ripping off and lying to citizens .
    Heat didn’t kill off the dinosaurs , nor stress about climate Armageddon
    from Climate Con Artists . Cold and ice now that is a problem .
    How many people will be exterminated per year as a result of fuel poverty caused by
    massive increases in government imposed energy costs ? About 15 9/11 ‘s (30,000)equivalents in Europe per year and MSM response ? Silence .
    Isn’t it time the government stopped lying about global warming being bad , killing people off by the 10’s of thousands with policies that are really just imposed to increase taxes and pay off their donor friends ?

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