Wake up Obama, climate change has been happening forever

obamaPresident Obama hiked to Exit Glacier in Alaska last week, with photographers in tow, to send the world a message: The glacier is melting.

Obama blames it on the increasing use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, which he wants to restrict not only in the United States but worldwide. The photo-op was designed to build support for an international climate agreement he’s pushing hard to sell, so far with little success.

Trouble is, the president needs to get his facts straight. Exit Glacier has been shrinking for 200 years — since 1815 — long before widespread industrialization and automobiles. As the president ended his trip, he sounded the alarm again: “This state’s climate is changing before our eyes.”

News flash, Mr. President: Alaska has been buffeted by cyclical swings in climate for thousands of years. That’s true for the rest of the world, too. There was a 300-year-long Medieval heat wave, followed by a Little Ice Age that began around 1300, and then the 300-year warming period we’re in now.

The Anchorage Daily Times ran a front-page story in 1922 recording the “unheard-of temperatures” in the Arctic and glaciers disappearing. “The Arctic Ocean is warming up and icebergs are growing scarcer.”

Oblivious to the history of constant climate change, Obama pointed to Exit Glacier and said: “We want to make sure our grandkids can see this.”

He may get his wish, but it won’t be because of anything he’s doing. The current warming trend appears to be over, speculates Roger Cohen, a fellow of the American Physical Society. The Alaska

Climate Research Center reports almost no evidence of warming trends in Alaska since 1977.

Many scientists are predicting the onset of two or three centuries of cooler weather — which would mean bigger glaciers. That’s despite the world’s growing use of fossil fuels. No matter what humans do, temperature trends go up, and then down; glaciers expand and then recede; sea levels rise and then fall, explains Will Happer, professor emeritus of physics at Princeton.

That doesn’t mean pollution controls are futile. We all want to breathe clean air. But don’t blame climate change on humans. There are bigger forces at work here.

Scientists disagree about what these forces are, and are researching better ways of accurately measuring temperature trends via satellite. Amid all this controversy and uncertainty about global climate change, Obama blindly insists that his theory of global warming “is beyond dispute” and attacks his critics as “deniers.”

Sounding more like an Old Testament doomsayer than a president, Obama warned in his Alaska speech that unless carbon fuels are restricted, “we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair: Submerged countries. Abandoned cities. Fields no longer growing.” Sounds scary, but he’s on thin ice backing up those predictions.

Despite Obama’s professed concern for the people of Alaska affected by climate change, his visit was more about theatrics than helping locals. Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) lambasted

Obama’s job-killing new restrictions on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic. Obama says the region’s “very fragile,” but Murkowski is more worried that the economy is fragile. “It’s clear this administration does not care about us and sees us as nothing but a territory,” she said.

It’s a demonstration of Obama’s appalling lack of priorities. The president told his Alaska audience that “few things will disrupt our lives as profoundly as climate change.” Really, Mr. President? How about the epidemic of cop shootings in the United States, or the drowned toddlers washing up on Mediterranean shores as families flee the Middle East, or ISIS beheading thousands of Christians?

Obama says that with climate change, more than any other issue, “there is such a thing as being too late.” Tell that to a cop’s widow or the father who watched his family drown.

Betsy McCaughey is a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research.


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    We are all products of our experience, and Obama is no exception. Aside for his brief stint in the US Senate, where he mostly focused on running for President, Obama was first and foremost a “community activist”, with emphasis on the word “activist”.

    The man must be forgiven if he wants to take liberties with the science and with the facts. That’s the part he knows best.

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    As with other incompetent people, Obama can’t handle his real responsibilities (e.g. border security). So he latches onto a fantasy problem that he and his cronies can address.

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    There is something seriously wrong when the President of the USA is so disconnected from reality.
    If he had tried to run for office on his top priority ,global warming , he would not have the job .

    Climate changes and we are continuing a slight warming out of the last ice age . Get over it .

    What looney tune thinks humans are going to control the earth’s thermostat ? I doubt even Obama could believe that big whopper .

    The only real explanation is a post President job or a way to look like he is doing something to save the planet while staying out of the way of the election .

    Seriously ..stopping glaciers from melting when they have been melting quite nicely on their own for centuries . That’s the President of the USA top priority ?

    Donald Trump looks like a genius in comparison .
    There is a reason so few inhabit Antarctica and the Arctic. More people attend a junior high school football game than live in Antarctica, an area far larger than the entire USA . The President and his handlers are showing an insulting disregard to people they clearly consider to be idiots .

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    As much as I disdain all that Obama is doing to harm this country, I am even more angry at his sycophant media. They watch this clown act masquerading as magic, and they dutifully follow the clumsy [i]distractions[/i] while willfully ignoring the gross mistakes.

    Not one of them stops to notice that glaciers [i]always[/i] melt in August! Meanwhile, the economy sputters, ISIS attacks, our borders are bum rushed, and Obamacare fails…

    …crickets from the media.

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    Dan Pangburn


    An egregious flaw in the Constitution as amended has become apparent. An unintended consequence of term limit (amendment XXII) is a president, in second term, has insufficient political motivation to attend to the freedom and prosperity of the electorate because the only remedy available is impeachment which may not be doable. This can be corrected by amendment to the Constitution providing for recall in the second term.

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    Dan Pangburn


    Perhaps it is not clear what a forcing is. When an oven is turned on, the temperature does not instantly increase to the set temperature. Instead, what is turned on is a heater and, as time passes, the oven heats up. The heater provides heat which is a forcing on the temperature of the oven. The oven temperature changes according to the time-integral of the net forcing.

    If CO2 is a forcing on average global temperature, its effect on temperature must be determined by the time-integral of the CO2 level (or the time-integral of a function thereof). The CO2 level during the entire Phanerozoic eon has always been more than about 150 ppmv. There is no way that the time-integral of the CO2 level (or the time-integral of a function thereof) can consistently calculate temperatures unless CO2 has no effect on climate and the temperature change is caused by something else.

    Proof that CO2 has no effect on climate and identification of the two factors that do cause reported global mean temperature (GMT) change (sunspot number is the only independent variable) are at http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com (new update with 5-year running-average smoothing of measured GMT. This shows the near-perfect explanation of GMT since before 1900; R^2 = 0.97+). Use of V2 SSN changes some coefficients but has no significant effect on R^2.

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    Do you think someone should tell poor Mr Obama that 90% of the world’s ice is in the Antarctic, 8% in Greenland and only 2% in the Arctic and all the world’s 171,000 (catalogued so far) glaciers combined?

    Maybe I’ll send him an email.

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