VW Promises To Reduce Nearly 100 Percent Of Its Fuel Emissions By 2022, Greens Skeptical

vw-emissionsEnvironmentalists are not impressed by a Volkswagen proposal to retrofit nearly 7 million vehicles yearly with filter devices that will reduce particulate pollution by 90 percent by 2022.

Ulrich Eichhorn, the head of VW’s research and development, told reporters Wednesday the company’s soot filter will “cause a significant reduction” in the vehicles’ fuel emissions.

“Following increases in efficiency and lower [carbon dioxide] output, we are now bringing about a sustained reduction in the emission levels of our modern petrol engines by fitting particulate filters as standard,” Eichhorn said in a company statement.

The device will be in use starting in June 2017 with the 1.4-liter TSI engine in the VW Tiguan and in the 2.0-liter TFSI engine in the Audi A5. The scheme will be in full force by 2022.

Green groups are skeptical of the company’s promise, which is due in part to the VW scandal.

“They blatantly broke the public’s trust, so I’m a little skeptical of any their plans for reducing emissions and pollution,” Andrew Linhardt, an associate Washington representative for the Sierra Club, told reporters.

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    I’m skeptical of green groups – they broke the public’s trust when they colluded with the EPA. And there’s no need to reduce CO2 emissions. 🙂

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    Why don’t they concentrate on real polution instead of a natural harmless trace gas necessary to sustain all living life on Earth? Why does this non-science continue – I am so tired of Green crap.

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      About 10-15 years ago, I regularly posted a comment that was almost identical to yours under alarmist articles in the mainstream media. Often, mine was the only contrarian comment, and I got thumbs down and very nasty replies to my reply. Gradually the tide has turned – now comments like yours are much more common and the alarmists often don’t reply.

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    If Volkswagen keeps lying to the public about their emissions they will meet or beat their 2022 projection by being out of business .
    Too bad a few A holes have soiled the good reputation of the hard working honest majority of VW workers .

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