Video: Host Steve Doocy interviews Marc Morano on Fox & Friends

climate hustle screengrabMorano: “It’s a tactic of a doomsday street preacher on the corner that most people thought was crazy, and now it’s gone mainstream. We have elite scientists at NASA that give us deadlines, they pass, and they just cross it out and give us a new deadline and say we must act. It’s silliness.”Discussing the new climate accord that’s not a treaty, Fox & Friends’ co-host Steve Doocy interviewed Marc Morano this weekend, the filmmaker behind the highly lauded new documentary Climate Hustle. They use an armadillo to show how environmentalists are constantly moving the goal posts to control you, and more importantly, your money. The armadillo is just one example out of thousands that have been used by the alarmist industry.

Watch the entire Fox & Friends’ clip as well as some outtakes from the film, Climate Hustle, coming out May 2 (tickets on sale now with AARP discounts).

Video after the jump: