Using NOAA’s cooked data, NASA says June tied as hottest month

weather satNASA announced on Wednesday that by using NOAA’s recently altered temperature data, June 2015 was tied as the warmest June on record. As previously reported here, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reworked its climate data in order to eliminate the 18-year-and-counting pause in global warming. In early June, NOAA released a study saying that long-existing instrument biases have been masking rising sea surface temperatures. Once they “readjusted” the data, the current warming hiatus disappeared. Put simply, by cooling the past, NOAA made the the last two decades look warmer.

With the release of global temperature data for June, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has essentially changed how it analyses measurements by using the same sea surface dataset that was readjusted by NOAA. In using NOAA’s highly controversial dataset, NASA can now say that global average temperatures last month tied June 2015 with June 1998 as the warmest on record. The global surface temperature anomaly for June was 0.78 degrees Celsius, which they say was driven by temperature inconsistencies in the Northern Hemisphere.

The June data released by NASA uses the same readjustments of global sea surface temperature records created by NOAA, which increases the rate of overall global warming (both land and sea) in the last 15 years. NOAA’s dataset, known as the Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature version 4 (ERSST v4), reflects these readjustments and have now been arrogated by NASA.

More troubling is the fact that NASA and NOAA have joined forces to hide the global warming pause, even though there are more robust, accurate datasets available that clearly show it. One item of contention is that both agencies have essentially overlooked the satellite record dataset, which clearly shows a global warming pause since 1998. Starting in 1979, orbiting satellites have been measuring the atmosphere five miles up and are accurate to within .001 degrees Celsius.

Satellite data show that the upper atmosphere is warming much less than global surface temperatures, even though computer models predicted the opposite would happen. Worse still, the satellite-derived measurements clearly show a global warming pause. The dataset are analyzed by both the U.S. firm Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and also the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). Both the RSS and UAH datasets are unaffected by the issues that plague land-based measurements and ship- and buoy-based biases in sea surface temperatures. NOAA’s re-adjustments to the climate’s temperature record doesn’t impact satellite measurements as they are not susceptible to such distortions.

Even the data from weather balloons agree with the satellite temperature measurements. They show much less warming then was predicted, and in the past 18.6 years have shown no statistical warming worldwide. The other major player in the global temperature measurement field is the UK Met Office surface temperature dataset, which also shows a global warming pause since 1998. Oddly enough, NASA announced on July 9 that the oceans slowed the global temperature rise by “trapping the heat,” while simultaneously claiming temperatures haven’t stopped rising.

NASA also said it has “eliminated GHCN’s Amundsen-Scott temperature series” and will only be using the SCAR reports for the South Pole (Antarctica). The Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) also announced it was using the readjusted NOAA ERSST v4 dataset. Unlike the UK Met Office and NCEI products, climate researcher Bob Tisdale writes that “GISS masks sea surface temperature data at the poles where seasonal sea ice exists, and they extend land surface temperature data out over the oceans in these locations.”

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledged two years ago that the “rise in Earth’s mean surface temperatures had begun to slow since 1998, and since then everything from volcanic activity to solar output has been used to explain the pause.” Currently there are more than 66 excuses to explain the global warming hiatus.

Critics argue all of this comes at a time when President Obama has shifted his focus to climate change ahead of the Paris Climate Talks, and that NOAA and NASA are using this new dataset of revised sea surface temperatures to push other countries into crippling regulations. Even EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted to Congress last week that all the new rules and regulations it is rolling out would only avert warming by .01 degrees.


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    Why let facts or data get in the way of a perfectly good hypothesis when they can simply be erased and then replaced with something else that is more desired?

    “Political” science at its best…

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    If they stoop to fudge (revise ) weather data what other spoonful’s of BS are we being force feed ?

    NASA/ NOAA are buckling under to promote the scary global warming strategy ahead of Paris . Why did it take 18 years to “revise ‘ the USA agency weather methodology ?
    Could it be the scary climate tribe bed wetter’s could no longer pump the scam as long as hot air was pouring out of their main propaganda balloon.(Global Warming )
    Time to change the statistics so the “problem’ they invented could be created again . Name change too .

    No warming of any measurable significance in almost two decades , no hurricane epidemic , no ice free Arctic , on behalf of two tribes . . no Polar bear extinction, no islands submerged ,and climate models proven to be grossly inflated joke.

    Science is used as a smoke screen to promote the scam for two different “tribes” each pursuing their
    own objectives . The pump and dump money makers ,ENRON LIGHT , and the ECO-PEOPLE HATERS who like the Hammer and Sickle as their mascot .

    NOAA and what remains of NASA are credibility challenged on the world stage so nothing to lose except those generous funding budgets .

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      These people have never dealt with truth, because nothing they have ever said would stand up to the light of truth.

      These LIARS have never said a thing other than their leftist political hysteria.

      And nothing they have ever said or claimed will stand up to the truth that


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    David Lewis


    In real science when the data doesn’t fit the theory, the theory is either changed or scrapped.

    In politically motivated junk science, the theory is set is stone because it supports various political objectives. Therefore the theory can’t be changed. Instead, they alter the data to fit the theory.

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