UN Global Warming Talks Take Place At A Luxurious Private Jet Airport

conf centerIf the United Nations is really concerned about global warming, it sure picked an odd place to hold its international climate talks: Europe’s busiest airport for private jets.

The Paris climate talks take place at Paris-Le Bourget, according to the U.N. It’s a 45-acre site that includes “32 negotiating rooms for fine-tuning the texts; a press centre where almost 3,000 journalists from around the world will be working.” Paris-Le Bourget also happens to be an airport that’s been called the “busiest private jet airport in Europe” by PrivateFly, a private jet booking service.

President Barack Obama and hundreds of other world leaders, celebrities and monied activists are attending the conference that’s expected to yield a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. The U.N. has gone to great pains to claim the summit will be environmentally friendly, despite its estimated 300,000 ton carbon footprint.

“The 40,000 diplomats, politicians, activists, and journalists expected to attend the UN climate summit in Paris will be spending two weeks at an airport,” writes Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise. “And not just any airport. Dedicated exclusively to private jets, Paris Le Bourget is the busiest private jet hub in Europe.”

“Equipped with more private terminals than anywhere else in the world, it caters to the ‘ultra high net worth traveler’ desiring an open-air terrace or a children’s play area,” writes Laframboise, who first reported the U.N. summit was taking place next to a private jet airport.

“Patrons who aren’t met by chauffeured limousines can drive away in Porsche rental cars,” Laframboise notes.

When you look at the list of speakers and celebrities expected to attend the climate summit, it’s easier to see why it’s located so close to a luxury airport that specifically caters to private jets. For example, former Vice President Al Gore is attending the conference as is environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer. Will they fly commercial?

As global warming attracts more celebrities, there’s been backlash against wealthy famous people who preach about reducing carbon dioxide emissions while riding around in private jets or private yachts.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined the so-called “People’s’ Climate March” in New York City last year, but was criticized for taking off to Brazil on a private plane to watch the 2014 World Cup. DiCaprio also rented out a 470-foot yacht boasting a gym, movie theater, two helipads and pools.

Singer Pharrell Williams has also become more active in the global warming debate, joining Gore in pushing for “climate action.” But even Pharrell has a huge carbon dioxide problem.

“How fascinating that private jets aren’t even hinted at within the pages of the incredibly-detailed conference site brochure that’s now being disseminated by the French government,” writes Laframboise. “And for some reason no one’s talking about the Paris Air Show, either – which has been held on these grounds since 1953.”

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    As these wealthy manipulators of of climate change policy make their plans to redistribute [i]our[/i] wealth you can bet that they have already found ways to exempt and enrich [i]themselves[/i] further.

    I hope they choke on their caviar and foie gras when their G-6’s hit turbulence.

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    Some Canadian provinces (BC) sent more City of Vancouver , other municipalities and provincial employees on this all expenses paid Climate Con -France than the entire country of France . Throw in the Federal government entourage and they could have rented a cruise ship to get there .

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    Canada’s population is less than 1/2 % of the world’s
    yet almost 10% of the reported 40,000 attendees are from Canada . That pretty much confirms Canada is a “have ” country ready to be fleeced and donations of $Billions courtesy of it’s new drama teacher Prime Minister .

    Has anyone seen the list of country of residence for the attendees ? If the 195 countries matched Canada’s army of attendees the conference would have almost 70,000 attending …all Co2 neutral of course .
    The $ 5 to $10 million spent to send as many people to a conference as are in the House of Commons pales in comparison to the $ Billions promised by the PM to feed the open beak fledglings green guilt money
    Meanwhile China ,that have not country , adds more new coal generation power plants in one year than the entire country of Australia’s use .

    As long as China gets $Billions per year they may get around to dropping their emissions in 15 years or so . Anyone that buys that crap believes the earth has a fever and is probably getting a piece of the action .

    Massive fraud in broad daylight .

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