Trump’s NOAA Pick Says He Won’t Censor Global Warming Data

Wilbur Ross

The Trump administration won’t censor climate scientists or delete temperature data, nominee for Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said during his confirmation hearing Wednesday.

If confirmed, Ross will oversee the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which has caused environmentalists to become terrified Trump and Ross will censor scientists or delete government data about global warming. They even tried create back-ups of NOAA temperature data to prevent this.

Democratic Florida Sen. Bill Nelson asked Ross during the hearing if he would change existing policies to prevent NOAA scientists from sharing their opinions about global warming with the press or public, or suppress federal data about global warming.

“I support the dissemination of valid information to the public,” Ross responded. “I don’t think valid information should be concealed, and in general I have great respect for the scientific quality of NOAA. Its my understanding that there are four Noble prize winners at NOAA, and that is certainly a measure of their expertise.”

Nelson then asked Ross if he considered the rise of sea levels as valid scientists data.

“It’s very hard to parse for me, Senator Nelson, to parse which part of data is what, but in general there will be a very big report forthcoming from NOAA,” Ross said. “I think it will be very very interesting to see what their updated findings are on that topic.”

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    Don Newkirk


    NOAA have been cooking the data for decades. Luckily, it is skeptics who have saved the data at every release, so as to detect the alterations to the historical data–which in every case has worked to cool the past and inflate more recent values so as to give the impression of a warming trend, only one whose slope increases every time they change the data. There is no cause for worry about the data, unless Mr. Trump’s director starts a program to restore historical data.

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    Simon Ruszczak


    “Won‚Äôt Censor Global Warming Data”, means he’ll stop The IPCC and NASA “adjusting” the data.

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    You cannot change data, but you can destroy it. Data is the information collected, any adjustments to that data destroys it, and replaces it with artifacts of anaylsis. There is no such thing as “adjusted data”.

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