Trump’s potential science advisor says many climate scientists ‘glassy-eyed cult’

William Happer. photo: Gage Skidmore

Princeton University physicist William Happer, the most likely candidate to be Donald Trump‘s Science Advisor, said many climate scientists are like a “glassy-eyed cult.”

In a new interview with the Guardian, Happer said these scientists are suffering from a form of “collective madness.”

Happer, who met with Trump last month to discuss the science advisor position, is the leading candidate for the job. He’s also certain mankind is “causing #Climate Change” and that’s just fine by him.

Happer isn’t some crackpot scientist espousing nutty ideas. He’s actually a distinguished physicist and well-regarded in the academic world.

But his views on climate science are causing consternation by activist climate scientists who rely on the government for research grants and lavish funding. Happer pointed to the recent NOAA paper currently under fire after a whistleblower named Dr. John Bates came forward.

Bates showed how the authors fiddled with the temperatures to erase the well-established global warming pause. The paper, Happer said, was rushed to publication ahead of an important U.N. conference to influence a sweeping climate accord. He said the paper was more “political fanfare” than science and government agencies shouldn’t be engaged in conduct to suit political agendas.

Glassy-eyed cult

Happer said there is an entire area of climate science that “is really more like a cult.” He held it was akin to the Hare Krishna where members were all glassy-eyed and chanting the same refrain. He said it was these scientists who will potentially “harm the image of all science.”

Happer believes government scientists should not publically discuss their findings until the results were fully vetted. He said agency science needed to be “especially clean” and “without fault.”

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    Mr. Happer would be an excellent choice to be Science Advisor .
    He is trustworthy , smart , and will not be bullied by science imposters .
    He understands the need for open debate in science as an essential means to move science forward .
    I hope he gets hired … yesterday .

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