Trump Puts Forward His Pick To Head NASA, But Will Republicans Go Along With It?

GOP Rep. James Bridenstine

President Donald Trump nominated GOP Rep. James Bridenstine of Oklahoma to lead NASA Friday, a move that has some Republicans riled.

If confirmed, Bridenstine will be one of the few NASA administrators without a space or science background. The congressman is a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and a former head of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Oklahoma’s Tulsa World reports.

Bridenstine has a history of championing private space initiatives, such as mining for minerals on the moon. He has also pushed for more coordination between military and civilian space programs, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Those tendencies could lead to political friction throughout the nomination process, according to WSJ.

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio criticized Bridenstine’s “political baggage,” saying it could be “devastating” to have a politician lead the U.S. Space Agency, Politico reports.

“It’s the one federal mission which has largely been free of politics and it’s at a critical juncture in its history,” Rubio told Politico. “I would hate to see an administrator held up — on [grounds of] partisanship, political arguments, past votes, or statements made in the past — because the agency can’t afford it and it can’t afford the controversy.”

Bridenstine has gotten support as well from some in the GOP. Fellow Oklahoma lawmaker, Sen. Jim Inhofe, supported Trump’s pick.

“I am pleased President Trump has announced his intent to name Jim Bridenstine as NASA Administrator today,” Inhofe said in a statement. “Bridenstine’s lifelong passion for space, combined with his work in Congress on modernizing our nation’s space program, will serve him well at NASA. I look forward to working with my fellow Oklahoman in this new capacity.”

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    The republicans better go along with it if they want to keep their jobs.
    The voters are big time on Trump’s side and are suspicious of everyone of the DC establishment club.
    Trump won precisely because he wasn’t one of them.

    The republicans better wake up or there will be a conflagration of primary challenges.

    We don’t have think about democrats

    They’ll never wake up

    They’re do busy being right all the time.

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    Rubio is a fool if he even begins to think that a politician with a real career before entering politics isn’t fit to manage NASA which has go off the rails chasing a totally political climate change and Muslim outreach agenda under Obama. Many would be surprised how many NASA products get used by deployed war fighters. Or for that mater, flying drug interdiction missions. At least Jim will know what NASA could be doing better once the in house NASA politicians posing as scientists start focusing on science again instead of alarmist climate, falsifying climate data purchased with billions in resources to divert billions in taxpayer funds into wasteful climate change projects that–even per IPCC–would at best result in 0.2 C change in the earths temperature over the next CENTURY–if everybody actually accomplishes everything the UN wanted them to do, and prostituting themselves for more federal funding.

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