Trump EPA Pick’s Confirmation Hearing Went Exactly As You’d Expect

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s Senate confirmation hearing went almost exactly as expected.

Republicans voiced their support for Pruitt’s nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Trump administration, while Democrats grilled Pruitt on issues ranging from his campaign donations from energy companies to his views on global warming.

Throughout the hearing, though, Pruitt remained steadfast in his view the EPA needs to be reined in and “cooperative federalism” restored.

“EPA is an administrative agency, it’s not a legislative body,” Pruitt said, adding he rejected the “false paradigm” that you can’t be pro-energy and pro-environment. “It is not an ‘either-or’ proposition.”

Pruitt’s confirmation hearing was expected to be one of the most contentious for the Trump administration.

Democrats and environmentalists were quick to come out against Pruitt, claiming he’s a “climate denier” in the pocket of “Big Oil” who sued EPA 14 times to overturn environmental rules.

Environmental activists interrupted Pruitt’s hearing at least twice, including one instance where anti-Dakota Access Pipeline activist was arrested by Capitol Hill police.

Democrats pressed Pruitt on past donations he’s gotten from oil companies, and Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Kamala Harris of California asked Pruitt if he’d recuse himself from issues he sued EPA over while Oklahoma’s AG.

Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso countered by putting into the congressional record an article reporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton got more from the oil and gas industry than President-elect Donald Trump.

Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth grilled Pruitt on how he would administer the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand even implored the EPA nominee to “be vigilant” about sea level rise — not exactly something Pruitt can stop.

“I need you to be vigilant because lives are at stake” Gillibrand said in the hearing of storm surges caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders asked Pruitt why he thought the planet was warming. Pruitt said humans contributed to global warming in some way, but Sanders said “97 percent” of published scientists think humans are the main cause of warming — a demonstrably false claim.

“My personal opinion is immaterial,” Pruitt said before being castigated by Sanders.

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    Watching Bernie was like watching the rooms IQ deflate . It was good to see him BS about the discredited survey for the record .
    Congrats Mr. Pruitt , it is reassuring that Bernie Saunders won’t vote for you , his own party operatives rejected (“knifed”) him for a reason .
    I like Pruitts comment about the actual role of the EPA . Sounds like bully days are over and the rule of law will be adhered to . What a concept .
    Good luck Mr. Pruitt . Nice to see the family there who were thinking the same things as most people . Drain away .

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      Jeff Davis


      Climate Mitigation Engineering: possibly new approach


      I would like to know if anyone is working on using ocean plankton to mitigate Climate Change using Emiliania huxleyi? It is the single biggest source of Oxygen on Earth. Eats Carbon like there is no tomorrow, and at the rate Methane is dissociating in the Artic there may not be one for kids under 12.

      Is it feasible to select and drain appropriate swamps or lakes in the Artic areas and lay pipe or cannels to bring in sea/ocean water? The latitude would of course be important. The plankton may prove to be the most cost effective way to reduce atmospheric Carbon.

      To paraphrase Bill Gates, we need to consider every option.

      Windsor ON CA


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        “At the rate Methane is dissociating in the Artic there may not be one for kids under 12.”
        Sounds pretty “alarming”. Have any data to back this claim up? I would assume this would require some warming to increase any dissociation of methane right? Considering that there has been no warming for over 25 years…

        And as for “mitigating” carbon, why? Rising Co2 has NOT caused any warming, only enhanced plant growth.

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        Edmonton Al


        First off, there is no proof that CO2 causes global warming, hence climate change.
        If it can be proven empirically, mathematically, and experimentally, then the plankton idea may be important.
        Check this out:

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    “to his views on global warming.” Uhh… What Global Warming are they talking about?

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    I loved the way Senator Markey was played by Pruitt. Markey asked him if he believes that climate change is a hoax, and Pruitt replied, “I do not believe climate change is a hoax”. Markey was so pleased with this immaterial answer that he had no further questions.

    God leftists are stupid! 😆

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