Trudeau’s carbon scheme targets Alberta

Liberal Party Leader Justin TrudeauLiberal Party Leader Justin TrudeauWhat does Justin Trudeau really think about Alberta and the oilsands and the people who work there?

The real answer is he probably doesn’t think a lot about it — or any other policy area. Trudeau is more about looking dreamy. He leaves the grown-up stuff, like policy, to someone else. In this case, to Gerald Butts, his “principal adviser.”

Butts has quite a lot to say about the oilsands. For years, he was the boss of the World Wildlife Fund Canada, an environmentalist lobby group that took hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign interests to campaign against the oilsands. Never against OPEC oil; only against Canadian oil.

When he was at the WWF, Butts compared government oilsands defenders to tobacco executives. Here’s the first few lines of a column he wrote for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper: “Keep smoking, kids. We need the tax revenue. Trust us, we will cure cancer by the time you get it. So goes our national political leaders’ myopic view of the tar sands.”

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In 2012, Butts was asked about the Northern Gateway Pipeline. His answer was blunt: “Truth be told, we don’t think there ought to be a carbon-based energy industry by the middle of this century… The real alternative is not an alternative route, it’s an alternative economy.”

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, one of the coldest countries in the world. But Butts believes we should simply stop using oil or gas, and rely on expensive, experimental green technology to heat our homes and move around. It’s bizarre, it’s deeply unserious.

Yet is clearly animates Trudeau’s approach to the oilsands. Trudeau visited Calgary against last week and he outlined his plan for a carbon tax. He said we have to do it, because the oilsands have shamed our country internationally.

“You get a lot of people around the world who are worried about climate change who are looking for something that they can point to or something to do. And the lack of environmental responsibility on the world stage by Canada has led to people being able to point to our oilsands and make them, entirely unfairly, the poster child for climate change.”

You stupid, greedy Albertans. You have shamed us internationally. You have brought this carbon tax upon yourself.

“If we want to restore our international reputation, something we need to create jobs and spur investment, we must take action and we must do it now …And that starts with a mature and honest conversation about carbon pricing.”

It’s not true, of course. Canada is actually the most reputable country in the world, according to an international survey of 27,000 people done by the Reputation Institute.

And our carbon emissions – which have decreased under Stephen Harper’s government – just aren’t something other people care about. The liberal Pew Research Centre did a poll just last month asking Americans about their priorities. “Climate change” ranked 22nd out of 23 possible choices. No one cares. Global warming doesn’t even register in polls of Third World countries – that’s a made-up problem for rich white folks. Like Trudeau.

Trudeau says he’ll bring in a law requiring provinces to “price” carbon – that’s code for taxing it. When Sun News Network asked him three times if he would penalize a province that doesn’t go along with it, he refused to answer, three times.

But when you’re trying to end Canada’s international shame, and eliminate an entire carbon economy, what’s a little Alberta-baiting?


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    Al Shelton


    He is a total ignoramus when it comes to policy or understanding issues.
    He is a puppet of the left. Like his father he is a LINO.

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      Ignoramus doesn’t even begin to cover it. What he is, is totally immature and inexperienced. Still a little boy, really, and it shows every time he opens his mouth. Things would be bad enough if he truly “was” like his father, but his father was a paragon of wisdom compared to this child.

      “Looking dreamy” is, indeed, what this is all about. Dreamy, that is, to younger people who also have no clue and are more interested in their iPhones, and the prospect of legalizing pot, than what’s really happening in the world around them. And, of course, to certain older folks who think they can relive the Trudeau era (god help us).

      If his name was not “Trudeau” does anyone really believe there would be a hope in hell that this inexperienced little boy would be chosen as leader of the Liberal party? He’s not even qualified to work in the mail room. It’s frightening even thinking about the possibility he might win an election. Looking “dreamy” indeed. Are enough Canadians really that stupid? I fear the answer.

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    Steve Franke


    Perhaps it has something to with this

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    Dan Pangburn


    It is trivially easy for anyone with access to existing CO2 and temperature measurement data-sets to falsify the statement that CO2 (at any level that ever existed) causes significant warming.

    If CO2 is a forcing, a scale factor times average CO2 level times the duration divided by the effective thermal capacitance (consistent units) equals the temperature change of the duration. Thus the temperature responds gradually to a forcing. During previous glaciations and interglacials (as so dramatically displayed in An Inconvenient Truth) CO2 and temperature went up and down nearly together. This is impossible if CO2 is a significant forcing so this actually proves CO2 CHANGE DOES NOT CAUSE SIGNIFICANT CLIMATE CHANGE.

    See more on this and discover the two factors that do cause climate change (95% correlation since before 1900) at . The two factors which explain the last 300+ years of climate change are also identified in a peer reviewed paper published in Energy and Environment, vol. 25, No. 8, 1455-1471.

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    Frederick Colbourne


    So an ex-member of the WWF might be in charge of policy-making that will wreck the Canadian energy sector?

    However much I despise Mr. Harper as a politician and disrespect him as a man, I would prefer to have a PM whose policies support the working people of Canada rather than the dreamy elite.

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    Updating an old joke from the 70’s..What’s the difference between Trudeau and the Welland Canal? The canal, is a busy ditch.

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    If Trudeau is the best person the Liberals can put forward the bench strength has to be a concern . Maybe they can get the Green machine leader to also cross the floor. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least .
    The one trick pony Greens are going nowhere unless 3 seats or less is considered a big win by them .
    Look for a Liberal & Green marriage of convenience and the Greens outright hook up as Liberals after they get trashed again
    next election .

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