Top EPA Official Slams ‘Dickheads’ At White House For Not Regulating Fracking

Michael Goo

Michael Goo

A former senior EPA official known for coordinating with environmentalists slammed the White House for pushing back on agency plans to regulate hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas, text messages show.

Michael Goo, EPA’s policy chief at the time, texted Sierra Club lobbyist John Coequyt that if environmentalists “want any hope of regulation of fracking then give us more time to try and remove the gun from our head and talk sense into OMB dickheads.”

“If you want the oil and gas nsps to give fracking a free pass, as OMB would like then don’t give us the extension,” Goo texted Coequyt, referring to proposed EPA New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for oil and gas fracking, according to The Washington Free Beacon. OMB refers to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

The texts were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (EELI). This is the latest EELI release from the Goo files. Previous email releases show how Goo used his private Yahoo email account to coordinate with environmental activists.

In February, EELI released a report claiming EPA is a “captured” agency “allowing green pressure groups improper influence.”

“Specifically, Michael Goo, then EPA’s Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy, was tasked with writing the initial memo on EPA’s options to impose these power plant regulations,” EELI reported. “Mr. Goo shared his draft options secretly, using his private email rather than his official EPA email, with lobbyists and high-level staffers at the Sierra Club, Clean Air Task Force and the Natural Resource Defense Council; also using Goo’s non-official account, these lobbyists in turn told Goo how to draft or alter the policy that was ultimately implemented in the rules.”

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    If there was any doubt the EPA has been hijacked by the green lobbyist’s this settles it .
    If this dickhead still has a job that E mail would nail it .
    Lets see the rest of his “communications with his activist pals .
    The USA doesn’t need undertow from activists bent on derailing one of the countries strategic assets or people in government working against elected officials .
    Trash talk your employer is grounds for dismissal for cause .
    Goo party some where else . Who hired this guy ?

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