Time runs out on Al Gore’s global-warming Armageddon

gore todayTen years ago, Rush Limbaugh started a countdown clock after Al Gore reportedly claimed there were only 10 years left to save the world from the ravages of global warming.

Actor and activist Larry David was quoted as saying, “You know, Al is a funny guy, but he’s also a very serious guy who believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.”

For 10 years, the Al Gore “Armageddon” clock counted down at Rush Limbaugh’s website, heading toward its expiration at midnight Tuesday.

And it looks like civilization still is here.

“Well, here we are and nothing’s changed,” scoffed Limbaugh on Tuesday’s program. “It isn’t any hotter than it was.”

Limbaugh said he’s still working on what he and his team will do when the clock officially hits zero as they hadn’t thought about it until this week.

“What do we do when the thing hits zero?” he joked. “We started this 10 years ago, who thinks 10 years down the road, other than we knew that Gore was full of it and that whatever he was saying wasn’t gonna happen, wasn’t gonna be true.”

Marc Fitch, author of “Shmexperts: How Ideology and Power Politics Are Disguised As Science,” says even the collapse of these kinds of doomsday predictions won’t do anything to discredit radical environmentalism among the faithful believers of global warming any time soon.

“The unfortunate truth of the matter is that environmentalists will only lose credibility with those who are already skeptical of the global warming movement,” Fitch told WND. “I think time will ultimately make the difference. The global warming movement in general seems to be grasping at any and everything these days to make their case, but the more they try to tie everything (ISIS, immigration, disease, war) to global warming, the more it just falls on deaf ears.”

Average temperature has remained steady for 15 years and some climate scientists suggest the Earth is on the verge of another ice age. Yet Fitch observed environmentalists keep deploying hysterical rhetoric to win over Americans to their cause.

“One of the problems with the environmental movement is that no good news is ever good news,” said Fitch. “The fact that the polar ice caps haven’t melted is seen as a reason to fight harder for their cause rather than give pause for consideration. One would figure that their dire predictions not materializing would be seen as a ray of hope, but instead activists see it as just further reason to preach doom and gloom.”

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The bad-news-is-great-for-the-agenda strategy doesn’t seem to be working. A recent poll suggested Americans are relatively unconcerned about climate change, compared to the rest of the developed world.

Part of the problem for radical environmentalists, Fitch suggested, is their grim predictions don’t match up with the facts on the ground.

“There is always an explanation for why their models haven’t been correct or their dire predictions haven’t materialized,” he said. “In fact, there are usually many explanations. We’ve seen coal usage simultaneously cited as the cause of global warming and the reason that the Earth hasn’t warmed enough. With such a massively complex system like the climate, nearly any explanation can be made; it’s like playing connect the dots with the stars in the sky, there are probably millions of different lines of reasoning that can be drawn to make whatever picture you like.”

Limbaugh also mocked the inability of global warming activists to predict the future.

“They’re having to make excuses for the heat that never happened by claiming the ocean ate it,” he laughed. “Oh, yeah, the ocean ate the heat. It’s way down there at 700 feet below the surface. Well, 700 meters. So that would be almost a half a mile down there. That’s where all the heat is, and it’s gonna come bubbling up there. It’s gonna heat the saltwater, and the heat that the oceans ate is gonna heat up the saltwater, the saltwater is gonna flood and that’s how we’re gonna get the rising sea. This was in all of the pro-global warming, climate change analysis of last week.”

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    Rush Limbaugh : # 1

    Al Gore = 0

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    You mean I can’t go paddle through the ice
    free Arctic this summer . Maybe Al Gore could revisit all his predictions or for his own credibility stop making them . After all the science fiction is settled .

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    David Lewis


    I would like to expand on the comment in the article, “One of the problems with the environmental movement is that no good news is ever good news,”

    Consider the view point of a radical environmentalist where all warming is caused by green house gasses and they seem to think in linear terms.

    The fact that their average UN climate model is running over three times hotter than observed data should be fantastic news. This means their carbon budget should be three times larger. With a significantly larger carbon budget the 2 degree warming limit compared to pre-industrial times should be reachable with no or very little cut back in emissions.

    However, the reality is keeping the earth within the 2 degree limit is not their real goal. Their real goal is to force a reduction in emissions because this supports many political agendas. So instead of celebrating the good news of their models over stating the warming, they are hoping that not people notice and are making up excuses.

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    Yep David Lewis you got it . They can’t celebrate the fact that their models have grossly overestimated any warming in part because their faulty models were used to sell the global warming fear industry .

    No one associated with that wants it known the models used to justify and promote the
    “science ” of AGW were in fact unscientific bits of garbage in garbage out .

    None of the rent seekers or politicians want to have it know because it would illustrate their willing role and encouraging complicity in one of the biggest frauds in history .

    Radical and non-radical environmentalists
    know the formula to open peoples wallets is fear and empathy . The polar bears are drowning ,the earth has a fever , kids won’t know what snow is etc etc .

    The big banks and hedge funds can’t let a $$Trillion dollar industry slip by without them getting a nice big fat piece of the action . They all hope the music keeps playing while they shake down misinformed citizens as long as they can .

    Can you think of an easier way to make money ?

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    Al Gores track record of predictions are
    in tatters . What an Inconvenient Truth .

    The science fiction isn’t settled and never was
    because a growing number of scientists and other professions have said enough is enough . Show all your files and data NOAA
    if you are real scientists .

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