There’s A ‘Strong Moral Case For Energy Abundance.’ Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Energy expert Myron Ebell served as the Trump administration’s head of transition for the Environmental Protection Agency and became the “target” of radical environmental groups’ hate campaigns, he told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview.

He became a focus of protests, with some even using projectors to shine his name on to the EPA building while chanting, “Stop the Evil Myron Ebell!”

EPA Light Show (Photo: Myron Ebell)

He continues to hit back by explaining how the Trump administration is unwinding strangling government red tape and highlighting the president’s efforts to stimulate energy, mining, agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing in America again.

Ebell, who has been working for decades on energy and environmental issues in Washington, D.C. For the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says in this video interview that his efforts are often swamped by a huge, power-hungry environmental lobbying effort. The top 50 environmental groups, he says, have a total of $3.5 billion in funding, compared to CEI’s annual $8 million.

He firmly believes there is a “strong moral case for energy abundance.” Real consequences result from replacing coal, oil and natural gas with wind, solar or alternative fuels.

When a billion people in the world have no electricity, and another billion have minimal electricity, climate change activists should be challenged for their moralizing of this real issue, he says.

“Consider the moral consequences of keeping poor people in perpetual energy poverty.” Too many take what Americans have for granted, he explains.

He calls former Vice President Al Gore someone who wants to be a messiah and authority while making lots of money from his “pathetic shtick.”

“Time has passed him by,” Ebell says.

Ebell says if Trump hadn’t pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Treaty, we would have had to reduce greenhouse gases by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. This would mean more expensive energy and fewer jobs, he says.

As for suggestions for Trump, he hopes the president will stay the course on his deregulatory efforts and fix the problems plaguing the slow pace of filling confirmable nominees throughout the federal government.

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    This isn’t complicated at all. Energy abundance equals prosperity and health. Prosperity lends itself to freedom and liberty. Despotism and tyranny rely upon misery and deprivation to survive. This is why Marxist/Socialist regimes gravitate to impoverished countries, or why they first seek to set economies on a path toward failure before they take hold. Energy is the ultimate lifeblood that sustains good health.

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