The White House is Lying About Climate Change and Health

houseLet us begin with the understanding that there is no connection between the climate and health. The climate is something measured in decades and centuries, so what happened in the last century has nothing to do with whether you are sneezing today.

The weather surely can help generate health problems. For example in the northeastern states, the Lyme disease season is beginning. Between 1992 and 2010 reported cases of Lyme disease doubled to nearly 23,000 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but CDC officials believe the actual number of those infected may have been three times that number.

Lyme disease is transmitted by deer ticks and since these tiny insects will hitch a ride on birds, squirrels, mice and small animals as well, even if you live in an area without deer, the possibility of being bitten by a deer tick is just as likely. This increases for people who love gardening or outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and camping. Children, too, are particularly susceptible.

The fact that Lyme disease shows up in the Spring simply tells you that the warm weather facilitates the tick population. The weather has always been tied the mating habits and activities of various species, but that does not mean that is constitutes a massive threat to everyone’s health.

That’s not the way the White House sees it. On April 7 the administration made it official. It announced that it is “committed to combating the health impacts of climate change and protecting the health of future generations.” 

Since the climate changes over extended periods of time, not just month to month, one has to wonder what “health impacts” the White House has in mind. The last Little Ice Age lasted from around 1300 to 1850. It was cold all over Europe and North America. Does the White House propose that it can “protect” us from a new one? If so, that’s absurd.

Let us understand, too, that there has always been what the White House announcement calls “extreme weather events.”  Notice the change from “climate” to “weather”? Among the events identified are “severe droughts and wildfires to more powerful hurricanes and record heat waves…” Has there been a time when such weather-related events have not occurred? In fact, there are times when they don’t. For example, there hasn’t been a single Category 3-5 hurricane hit the U.S. mainland since 2005!

The White House has launched a massive brainwashing effort using many elements of the federal government to frighten Americans using the “climate” and the “weather.” How deceptive is it?

One example is sufficient. The President has claimed that climate change was the cause of one of his daughter’s asthma. In its announcement, it claimed that “In the past three decades, the percentage of Americans with asthma has more than doubled and climate change is putting these individuals and many other vulnerable populations at greater risk of landing in the hospital.” 

Here’s what the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has to say about the various causes of asthma.

“Since asthma has a genetic origin and is a disease you are born with, passed down from generation to generation, the question isn’t really ‘what causes asthma’, but rather ‘what causes asthma symptoms to appear?’ People with asthma have inflamed airways which are super-sensitive to thinks which do not bother other people.”

What the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America is telling us is that there is no direct connection between either the climate or the weather and the illness called asthma.

Those who suffer this disease however can be affected by a range of triggers such as irritants in the air, pollens, molds, and even cockroach droppings. Infections such as colds, flu, and sore throats are among the leading triggers for asthma attacks in children.

The facts, the truth, were no deterrent to the April 7 White House twelve-page announcement of all the things it intends to do to brainwash Americans into believing that there is a connection between the “climate” and health.

Here’s just a few of the dozens of events and programs it will initiate so that the media will report on them and thus convey the message that climate change is the greatest threat to Americans today:

“The Administration is expanding its Climate Data Initiative to include more than 150 health-relevant datasets…this is intended to help communities and businesses reduce the health impacts of climate change.”  Only there are no such impacts.

The Administration is announcing a coalition of Deans from 30 medical, public health, and nursing schools around the country, who are committing to ensure that the next generation of health professionals is trained to address the health impacts of climate change.” Only there are no such impacts.

“Announcing the White House Climate Change and Health Summit.” It will feature the Surgeon General who will lead discussions to “the public health impacts of climate change and identify opportunities to minimize these impacts.” Only there are no impacts and nothing that could be done if there were.

From the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency, many elements of the federal government will be integrated into this massive brainwashing effort.

What can be done to ignore a government determined to lie to everyone about a “threat” that does not exist? Not much.


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    Just Some Kid


    “[b]Let us begin with the understanding that there is no connection between the climate and health[/b].”

    IF that were true the author may have a point, but idk: TL;DR.

    “The climate is something measured in decades and centuries, so what happened in the last century has nothing to do with whether you are sneezing today.”

    Appeal to ignorance; not necessarily true, and there’s a good reason to suspect it is false. If, over the last decade, a 500 year drought ended and a place, normally dry, became very rainy, that could very well have something to do with your allergies. A allergenic plant could now be able to survive and thrive in the area now, and it would produce more pollen. That could very well affect how your allergies react.

    This “understanding,” is not actually correct, and this undermines what comes after, assuming it was based in said “understanding.”

    And chalking all sneezes up to asthma is just incorrect. On top of that, climate can almost never directly influence asthma in a way that induces sneezing. I have asthma myself and sneeze just as much as the next guy; that is to say, very rarely.
    Only if the climate affects and actual asthma trigger like particulates should you expect much, if any, correlation.

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      Paul Homewood


      And other areas may experience droughts that did not happen before, which rather nullifies your point.

      The bottom line is that AGW does not make asthma worse.

      I had it as a kid and the worst thing for it is cold and damp, which putting up energy prices will just make worse

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        Just Some Kid


        It does not actually nullify my point. Read and understand before jumping to conclusions. Just because it sounds like I disagree with you doesn’t mean I do.

        “The bottom line is that AGW does not make asthma worse.” Well said. But it is a rather ridiculous claim. Its like saying listening to loud music doesn’t make your vision worse. Any person off the street could tell you that.

        Cold does negatively affect asthma, but that cold is more weather than climate, or climate in the sense that you live somewhere naturally cold.

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