The UK is having its coldest summer holidays in 35 YEARS — More to come

BRITAIN is in the grip of its coldest summer holidays for 35 years.

Temperatures in London have failed to get any higher than 73F (23C) since schools broke up on July 19.

It has been a similar story in Birmingham, while in Newcastle the thermometer has been stuck below a modest 68F (20C).

The depressing figures for July 19 to August 11 show it is the coolest start to the holidays since 1982.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said: “As soon as they started it took a bit of a turn for the worse.”

In 20 of the past 35 years, London has seen a temperature of 86F (30C) or more at least once in the first three weeks of the holidays.

Even last year, the top temperature recorded in the capital for the period was 84F (29C).

But this year, the country has seen 43 per cent of its usual August rainfall inside the first ten days of the month.

It follows the wettest July since 2012. Forecasters say rain will return today with storms later in the week.

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