The Truth About Polar Bears: They’re a Dangerous, Out of Control Pest…

polar-bear-wikipediaPolar bear populations are getting out of control and posing a threat to human lives. Obviously, the greenies don’t want you to know this.

Last month in  Tuktoyaktuk in Canada, on the edge of the East Beaufort Sea, five children were terrified out of their lives by the extremely rare sight of a polar bear roaming through their village. The bear was so close they could hear it breathing.

At first, the other kids didn’t believe their cousin when she said a polar bear was nearby. And then they started running — and so did the “ever big” polar bear.

“That polar bear started running towards them,” said Kikoak. “And one of my twins, she was maybe about six feet away from the stairs [of the house], but she was so in shock to see that polar bear, she was just standing there looking at it. And it didn’t move. It kept on staring at her.”

Kikoak said her niece, who was inside the house with her and the rest of the children, thought fast and grabbed a skipping rope. She then tossed one end to Kikoak’s six-year-old daughter, who was still frozen in shock.

The young girl held onto the end of the rope, said Kikoak, and was pulled towards the house.

“And once she reached the stairs [my niece] grabbed her by her jacket and put her on the stairs,” Kikoak said. “And that’s how she saved my daughter.”Earlier in September, in a different part of the Arctic, a group of five Russian researchers on Troynoy Island were besieged by a group of a dozen ravenous adult polar bears which ate one of their dogs and caused them to run out of flares. A helicopter had to rescue them with a supply of more flares ‚Äì and three puppies to replace the eaten hound. They weren’t allowed guns because Russian law forbids the killing of polar bears because ‚Äì supposedly ‚Äì they are an endangered species.

Meanwhile, in Svalbard, Norway – where polar bear populations have increased by 42 per cent since 2004 – polar bears are becoming an increasing problem in inhabited areas, with more and more having to be shot to protect humans.

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    James: the polar bear’s favourite snack is seal. Seals eat the fish that we could eat. Fewer polar bears means more seals and less fish. End of.

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