The Exxon Shakedown

exxonmobilLiberal attorneys general from 17 states have put a big red bulls-eye on the chest of big oil. Their bizarre claim is that, for years, energy companies fraudulently covered up their knowledge that greenhouse gases from fossil fuels cause catastrophic climate change. The most recent chapter of this witch hunt is a remarkable subpoena filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, which would require Exxon Mobil Corp. to turn over 40 years of internal company documents. It also demands that Exxon Mobil produce all its internal communication with conservative-leaning think tanks.

This is nothing more than an old-fashioned, political mob shakedown of a deep-pocketed industry for money. The attorneys general are hoping for a repeat of the multibillion-dollar tobacco company settlement in the 1990s. The big and obvious difference here is that tobacco companies sell a product that is dangerous to one’s health. The oil and gas companies sell energy that makes all modern industrial life possible.

Worse, they want to use the steel-heeled boot of government to get energy companies to stop giving money to free-market institutions that the left doesn’t agree with. But they are permitted to donate to the Sierra Club, the Wildlife Federation and the Center for American Progress.

The goal is to silence any opposition to the climate-change industrial complex. The way to create a scientific consensus on an issue is to muzzle anyone who dares disagree with the scientific consensus. If these science policemen had been around several hundred years ago, we’d all be forced to believe that the earth is flat.

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    Governments need new sources of tax to continue to grow . Tax people enough and they don’t want to play anymore so governments want to hide the tax peoples energy bills and let energy companies take the flack .
    Scary global warming is a false crisis to facilitate the imposition of more taxes and the funneling of money to eco gangs , stock promoters and renewable businesses lined up for tax payer cash .
    Warming is good and if humans help even better . The real deniers are people that
    think otherwise . No scientific organization sings the praise of a cooling world for obvious reasons . We are being told to fear something that is actually overall beneficial to the plants ,trees and animals of the world . Humans don’t need to count because we will adapt.

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      Mark Matthews


      Well said Amber. Why is it the same people running for Pres – Clinton Clinton, Bush Bush. Aren’t they the ones that should be investigated? Who backs them and what is the backers agenda. Same in UK Cameron, Clegg, Blair all elites with corporate backing and corporate agenda.

      It is time the interests of ordinary people were properly represented as the ‘elites’ don’t give a damn about the people it is a power and money game.

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