The Charade of the Climate Change Charlatans on Parade

bill mckibbenBill McKibbenWhat makes 350 so devious, is that they hijack public emotions (and ignorance) using phony “divestment” as a disorganizing tool to redirect activism away from effective work.—Jay Taber

A coalition of environmental activist groups, led by, is promoting a series of “Break Free From Fossil Fuels” training sessions and protests during May 4-15, 2016, at locations involved in fossil fuel production or transportation. The protests will occur at key sites related to production and transport of fossil fuels, including rail lines and yards, in the United States and Canada.  The problem? only cares about fossil fuels when the cameras are rolling.

It is painfully apparent that the organization does not believe in the movement that they are said to lead, but rather a movement that would line the pocketbooks of the 1% while destroying wealth and opportunity for the 99% percent—buiding a quasi-peasantry at the expense of faulty science and reliant on their accumulation of power.  But don’t take it from me, these Climate Change Charlatans admit that global warming climate change is about power in their very own YouTube video.  Sounds quite palatable with an English Accent until you peel back the Gibson onion.

Bill McKibben: A false prophet of the profiteers.

Bill has been a busy little Leftist, and by Leftist I mean a person who uses the power of fear, rigged data, and the ignorance of the uniformed, in order to create economic upheaval that would make any eugenicist social justice warrior environmentalist proud.

Peter Ferrera said it best back in 2009:

But for the people who rabidly embrace the doctrine of human-caused global warming, none of this matters. For them global warming was never really about science or data. It is about power. Man-made global warming is a powerful justification for a massive expansion of government controls over human activities. That is why the ruling classes, from Al Gore to the editorial writers at the New York Times, who know nothing about science, so heartily embrace it. The United Nations sees global warming as the ticket to attaining the power of a world government. That is why the UN doctors the reports of its science panels.

But what this massive increase in government power would mean is a dramatic loss of freedom and prosperity for average working people the world over. Global warming regulation, in fact, would involve a massive assault on the standard of living of the middle class, particularly in America. That is why this battle is so important.

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    The global warming cult is using screen writing techniques learned from the comparative mythology scholar Joseph Campbell to write a compelling narrative that appeals to the collective subconscious….it’s a Flood myth..the sea levels will rise and wipe out civilization due to man’s sins unless repentance is paid or a person buys an “ark” to save them, now called an electric car. It’s religion.

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